‘4 consecutive losses’ manager Kwon Young-min’s regret “It would be nice if Seong-jin exploded more… ”

“I wish Sungjin would score more goals.”

KEPCO, led by coach Kwon Young-min, scored a set score of 2-3 (26-24, 17-25, 23-25, 25- 19, 11-15). They fell into a 4-game losing streak.

On this day, Tyce Dull Host was put in the Apposite Spiker, and Lim Seong-jin and Seo Jae-deok were put in the outside heater line. I made a change, but it didn’t have a relationship with Seungri. Thais scored 33 points, Shin Young-seok 11 points, and Seo Jae-deok 10 points, but they could not laugh.

Satisfied with the 1 point added, KEPCO (19 points, 6 wins, 8 losses) dropped Woori Card (18 points, 7 wins, 6 losses) and rose to 4th place. 스포츠토토

Manager Kwon Young-min, whom we met after the game, said, “The players did well. It would have been nice if the continuous hit defense was good. Formation training was short, but if we work together, it will get better.”

Lim Seong-jin stayed with 8 points and an attack success rate of 17%. It may help in receive or dig, but it is regrettable in attack. However, the bigger problem is that there are not enough resources to replace Lim Seong-jin.

Director Kwon Young-min also said, “That is unfortunate. Assuming that it will be a receive, I think more points will come from Young-seok’s side. If he receives like today, Sungjin thinks he played his role well. If you want more, I hope that a goal will come from the attacking side.”

Now, on the 20th, I will go on an expedition to Daejeon. Through the game with Samsung Fire & Marine, we are going to escape from 4 consecutive losses.

Finally, coach Kwon said, “The players did their best, but the results are not good, so there is nothing we can do. It is the manager’s responsibility to manage the players. There are still a lot of seasons left, so I won’t let the atmosphere deteriorate. I will reverse the atmosphere at the Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Exhibition.”

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