‘5 Goal Explosion’ Holland… Replace ‘add more’

A player scored 5 goals in one game in the European Champions League.

This is Elling Hollan, a monster striker. 

But he was substituted long before the end of the game.

Reporter Kim Tae-wook will tell you why. 

The first goal was a penalty kick.

He started the goal feast with a strong kick into the right corner.

Two minutes later, he jumped high after hitting the goal post and shook the net with his head.

Erling Hollan scored his third goal with an aggressive dash just before half time. 메이저놀이터

He had already scored a hat trick in the first half.

The ‘monster’-like scoring power continued in the second half.

The ball flowing out of the confusion went to Jokjok Hollan’s feet.

It’s the first time since Messi in 2012 that he scored five goals in a Champions League tournament where only Europe’s top teams survived.

However, Hollan regretted not adding more.

[Halan / Man City striker]
“As I went on as a substitute, I told the coach, ‘I could have done a double hat trick’. But what more could I have done?”

The reason for the substitution was that he had scored too many goals.

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