500 Million Dollars Are Tired Now, Ohtani’s Marketability Proved by WBC

 Tokyo, Japan, where the first round and quarterfinals of the World Baseball Classic are held, is all about Otani Shohei.

41,616 spectators attended the match against China on the 9th, 41,629 spectators against Korea the next day, followed by 41,632 spectators and 41,664 spectators for the match against the Czech Republic on the 11th and against Australia on the 12th, respectively. All records are million won.

At the top of the outfield seats on the right side of the Tokyo Dome, an advertisement banner with a large picture of Ohtani’s face is installed. Every time Ohtani enters the plate, placards with his name and photo shake the crowd. This is the Tokyo Dome atmosphere where the WBC is being held.

The WBC for Ohtani is heating up. Japan advanced to the quarterfinals after winning all four matches in Group B. On the 16th, at 7:00 pm, the quarterfinals will be played against Italy, second in Group A, at the same place. Ohtani starts. Tokyo Dome will be filled with Otani craze again.

Ohtani is not a star unique to Japan. He has already taken over the major leagues and has become the idol of baseball fans around the world. The No. 1 baseball player in sports marketing is Ohta. Last year, the $6 million received from Japanese companies such as Asics and Descente ranked first among major league players. In January of this year, they changed their sponsorship and signed a long-term contract with New Balance to receive supplies.

According to Forbes, Ohtani earned about $20 million last year outside of baseball. All are sponsorship and advertising fees. It is said to be three times that of 2021.

In this regard, The Athletic published an analysis article predicting the size of Ohtani’s free agent contract on the 13th. Reporter Team Britain predicted how much Ohtani, who has risen to the top of the major leagues as a hitter and pitcher, will have to pay if he signs a long-term contract during this season or at the end of this year.

Famous players appear. Based on the results of the last three years, Bryce Harper was compared to ‘batter’ Ohtani, and Patrick Corbin and Jack Wheeler and Carlos Rodon to ‘pitcher’ Ohtani. Average annual salary (AAV) was used as a keyword.

Reporter Britten said, ‘If you look strictly as a hitter, Ohtani is worth over $25 million and possibly even $30 million. 10 years and 250 million dollars would be appropriate, but since pitcher Ohtani has to be taken into account, considering that the contract is not that long, I think 6 years and 165 million dollars as a hitter would be suitable.”

“Corbin and Wheeler’s AAV is currently valued at $25 million. However, Ohtani is closer to Rodon, who signed a six-year, $162 million, AAV contract with the Yankees for $27 million. In other words, six years and $156 million seem reasonable,’ he wrote. 먹튀검증

The sum of the ransom for the two sides is $321 million for 6 years and $53.5 million for AAV. Reporter Britten said, ‘If Ohtani wants a 10-year contract in the free agent market, he can get enough of $500 million.’

To summarize the comparison method with Judge, Judge signed a 9-year, $306 million, AAV $40 million contract in December of last year. Ohtani enters the free agency market at the age of two years younger than Judge. If the contract is signed until the age of 39, like Judge’s contract, he will be 11 years and 440 million dollars, and if you include all seasons, it will increase to 12 years and 470 million dollars. In other words, it is possible to sign a $500 million contract in the free agent market.

In last season’s Fangraph WAR, Judge ranked first overall with 11.4, and Ohtani ranked second with 9.4 (batter 3.8, pitcher 5.6).

However, reporter Britten emphasized that values ​​other than baseball should be added. He said, ‘There are values ​​that do not appear in WAR. Ohtani is definitely different from Judge or Trout. He has more than just the best NBA players. The marketing value he creates should be seen as having an influence outside the United States.” Ohtani’s idea is to set a price for the world.

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