6 clubs compete to sign striker → Tottenham considers doubling weekly wages

Tottenham’s possibility of signing a striker is constantly attracting attention.

England’s Team Talk said on the 23rd (Korean time)토토사이트, ‘Tottenham is looking to sign Thuram, whose contract with Monchengladbach expires after the end of this season. Juventus, Inter Milan, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, etc. are competing for Thuram, but “Thuram earns £54,000 a week (about 85 million won) in Monchengladbach. Tottenham are ready to offer a double weekly wage to win the race for Thuram.

Thuram has scored 42 goals and 15 assists in 124 appearances in four seasons with Monchengladbach. He has scored 14 goals and 4 assists in 22 appearances this season. He also played an active part in last year’s World Cup in Qatar as France’s finalist.

Team Talk said, ‘Thuram is an ideal substitute for Son Heung-min’ and ‘If Tottenham recruits Thuram, there may be a surprise transfer for Son Heung-min. Son Heung-min mentioned that he is a player that Real Madrid and Liverpool are interested in.

On the other hand, Birkus, director of Monchengladbach, said on the 8th, “Thuram’s contract expires after the end of this season, but we have not received any transfer offers. We hope that his ability will help us achieve our goals. There is a possibility of contract renewal. One of our duties is to keep an eye on the transfer market. We have faith in our players.”

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