“A terrible moment in 25 seconds of kickoff”… Arsenal Ramsdale accidentally conceded the first goal → Fortunately, a dramatic 3-3 draw

Arsenal’s gatekeeper Ramsdale made a fatal mistake less than a minute into the game.

Arsenal drew 3-3 with Southampton in the 32nd round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-23 season held at Emirates Stadium in London, England at 4:00 am (Korean time) on the 22nd. With this, Arsenal succeeded in maintaining the league lead (75 points), but they are only five points behind second place Manchester City after playing two more games.

On this day, Arsenal operated a 4-3-3 formation. Martinelli, Jesus, and Saka were in the forefront, while Vieira, Parti, and Odegaard formed the midfield. The four backs were paired by Zinchenko, Magalyangis, Holding, and White, and the goalkeeper gloves were worn by Ramsdale. Southampton faced Alkaras, Walcott, and Ward-Prowse. 

Arsenal needed a win. In the midst of fierce competition with Man City for the lead, it was necessary to catch Southampton to widen the gap by 6 points. Arsenal will have played two more games than Man City if they play this game. That’s why I had to win first and watch Man City’s results. 메이저사이트

But it was twisted from the start. 25 seconds into the game, the Ramsdale goalkeeper made a fatal mistake. The Ramsdale goalkeeper tried an easy pass during the build-up process, and Alkaras intercepted it. Alkaras immediately fired a shot and scored. Arsenal shook. In the 14th minute of the first half, he made a pass miss and allowed a counterattack, giving Walcott a goal.

Arsenal laid the foundation for the chase with Martinelli’s goal in the 20th minute of the first half. However, in the 21st minute of the second half, in a corner kick situation, he conceded a goal to Charletta-Char. The 1-3 score continued until the end of the second half. Fortunately, we managed to bring in 1 victory point. In the 43rd and 45th minutes of the second half, Odegaard and Saka scored goals, resulting in a dramatic 3-3 draw.

It was comforting that I didn’t lose. Arsenal now have a five-point lead over Manchester City, having played two games less. If Manchester City win both games, the standings will be overturned. Now Arsenal are in a situation where they have to win their remaining six games unconditionally.

The Ramsdale goalkeeper couldn’t escape criticism after making a terrible mistake less than a minute after kick-off. England’s ‘Football London’ gave a rating of 4, saying, “I made an unforgivable mistake 30 seconds into the game and influenced the flow of today’s game. After that, Ramsdale’s play did not look confident, and the ball distribution was clumsy.” .

The global media ‘Goal.com’ also gave the Ramsdale goalkeeper a rating of 4 and criticized him for “creating a terrible scene in just 25 seconds”, and England’s ’90min’ also gave a rating of 6. 

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