Acting Kim Doo-hyun, who led the rebound, “Players regain confidence… Cho Kyu-seong returns next week”

Jeonbuk Hyundai regained confidence with a complete victory over the Suwon Samsung team. Acting coach Kim Doo-hyun’s eyes also seemed to be full of confidence.

Jeonbuk will have an away match against Incheon United and Hana One Q K League 1 2023 round 13 at the Incheon Soccer Stadium on the 14th at 4:30 pm.

Jeonbuk successfully escaped the relegation zone by lifting the standings to 8th place (4 wins, 2 draws, 6 losses, 14 points) with a 3-0 win in the previous match against Suwon Samsung. Jeonbuk will challenge for the first consecutive win of the season in Incheon (3 wins, 3 draws, 6 losses, 12 points), which suffered two consecutive losses recently.

Acting manager Kim Doo-hyun met with reporters before the game and said about the preparation for the game, “I am sure that I prepared well in a good atmosphere, so I focused on recovery now because the game was good.”

At the same time, he added, “Now, I touched on those tactical points so that I can deal with the players in various ways and flexibly. The players also followed well and I have some expectations.”

Compared to the starting list at the time of the expedition to Suwon, Jeonbuk has hardly changed except for Choi Chul-soon.

Regarding this, Acting Kim said, “As you know, Tae-wook Jeong all played, then Ja-ryong Koo, and then Seung-ho Baek and Seon-min Moon, all four players played full-time. said.

“Actually, we haven’t been able to find a combination that we can run in steady step with, but now it’s our third game, and I thought a little more about the organizational part than the physical part.

But there were concerns. Acting Kim replied, “Instead, the opponent came out after clearly analyzing it, so I gave a slightly different option there and paid attention to the players so that they could respond flexibly.”

Maeng Seong-woong was appointed as the left fullback just like before Suwon. In addition, Kim Jin-soo recovered from an injury and was named on the bench list that day.

Acting Kim first said of Kim Jin-soo, “I am very motivated and the team situation is like this, so I have a strong sense of responsibility and am preparing well.”

Regarding Maeng Seong-woong, “Maeng Seong-woong is a midfielder, but he will be able to become a different type of player. By digesting the position, we will have another option. Through that, the opponent will have a difficult and burdensome part, and it can be targeted. The player himself is expected to have certainty in football. Because the player grows through this opportunity, the opportunity was the last game and he will be able to do better.”

Cho Kyu-seong was expected to return through the game against Incheon, but he was not included in the list that day. Acting Kim said, “I can participate in the next game. I prepared for this game as well, but the time we trained together was only one day.”메이저놀이터

“A quick return is important, but I think the player’s performance is also important. There are many people who expect too much. If I train next week and match my feet and adapt to the style I want, I can give fans expectations with good performance.” I think I will be able to play a satisfactory game.

Opponent Incheon fell in the rankings to the relegation zone with two consecutive losses for the first time in the season. Acting Kim said of the opponent, “We had a period like that because our morale and self-confidence declined more than anything like this. I think these are opportunities for us.”

He said, “More than playing any soccer game, we found the players to have a lot of confidence and enjoy it through the last game. I really liked those things. It’s not a skill, so let’s show it.’ The players are ready and have a strong will to do it, so I’m looking forward to it.”

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