Advance to quarterfinals

In the round of 24 in the main round, those who came up through the preliminary round competed against each other. In two of the eight matches, the side with the lowest Korean ranking won. Baek Hong-seok, ranked 47th, defeated Lee Won-young, ranked 17th, and advanced to the round of 16 with her 1986-year-old Heo Young-ho. Since Kim Bum-seo, born in 2004, couldn’t cross the seniority wall, from the round of 16, Park Sang-jin, born in 2001, became the youngest. Ahn Seong-joon, who passed the round of 24, climbed four places in the Korean rankings in May and took 7th place. He also showed his skills in world competitions, so he reached the quarterfinals with two consecutive victories at the 1st Lanke Cup held in China. Even though Seong-Jun Ahn stayed in the round of 24, Seong-Ji Hong rose to 10th in May. It took him 14 years and 5 months to re-enter the Korean top 10. Park Jin-sol, ranked 23rd, reached the semifinals in the 2022 competition. Thanks to that, she can play from the round of 16 in the final round without appearing in the preliminary round.메이저놀이터

The two tend to play Go quickly. If you think of a move you want to place, you put it without much hesitation. While he has a knack for reading numbers quickly, he also has trouble reading them deeply.

After running to one square of white 8, I looked into black 9. <Picture 1> It is not desirable to go into black 1 because it is hit by white 8. <Picture 2> The posture of defending with the back 1 gives a feeling of weakness. He approaches the back 12 and announces the attack.

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