After 79 consecutive Grand Slam appearances, Lopes, the ‘Iron Man’, retires at the end of this season

Feliciano Lopez (Spain) has announced that he will retire at the end of this season after 25 years of touring. Lopez, who wants to do a farewell tour this year, said, “I will only compete in tournaments that are meaningful to me. As a tennis player, I dream of saying goodbye on the tennis court. I hope to be able to compete in some of the events that have meant something to me during my tour.” “he said.

Lopez, now 41, turned pro in 1997 and has captivated fans with his RBI-high serve and succinct one-handed backhand. Lopez spent an era with serve and volley play, which is rarely seen these days.   토토사이트

Lopez, tournament director of the ATP/WTA1000 Madrid Open, announced his decision to retire on Instagram, saying, “Tennis has been beautiful and exciting. It’s time to say what many players think will never come. Now, after more than 20 years of fighting on tour, it’s time to say it. I decided to finish the most beautiful and thrilling job in the world.”

Lopez stressed that tennis has been ‘everything in his life’ and that he will miss it dearly after his retirement. “I know there is life after I retire from tennis. But as the moment approaches, I begin to realize how much I miss it. Tennis gave me everything in life. It’s a lot more than a five-year-old boy could have imagined.”

Lopez thanked everyone who supported her through good times and bad times. “I want to say thank you to all the people who have helped me reach my goals and become a better person over the years. It is the biggest reason I have been able to live this long in my career. Being surrounded by special people Life becomes so much more bearable.”

From the 2002 French Open to the 2022 Australian Open, Lopez set a record of 79 consecutive Grand Slam appearances, and contributed to Spain’s five Davis Cup titles.

He has won seven singles titles on the ATP Tour. Lopez ranks fourth on the record for most service aces by a male player. 1st place is John Isner (USA) with 13,990, 2nd is Ivo Karlovic (Croatia) with 13,728, 3rd is Roger Federer (Switzerland) with 11,478, Lopez is 10,188 as of January 10th.  

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