An armed demonstration before the evaluation… Jeju, laughs at the new face Hayes + Yuri combination

 It was an armed demonstration even before the evaluation. Jeju United are laughing at the combination of new face Hayes and Yuri.

Jeju sent Ju Min-gyu and Jerso, who had been breathing for two seasons until last season, to Ulsan Hyundai and Incheon United, respectively. It is quite a gap. Jeju moved quickly and brought in Yuri as the forward striker and Hayes as the flank striker. Hayes is a resource that has been verified through parts 1 and 2. However, in the case of Yuri, she was young and was new to the K-League, so there was a question mark whether she would still work.

The positive part is that Yuri has studied quite a bit about the K-League and Korea since Brazil. After Yuri went to the K-League, she found a tutor and learned Korean, and there is no problem in reading Korean. You can also write simple words. He said that he has been watching K-League videos himself. This kind of appearance seems to help the team adapt to the K-League.

Yuri is working in harmony with Hayes and Jonathan Ling, who has been active since last season, without much difficulty. The part that Jeju puts the most effort into in field training is the destructive power of the attack. Jeju played two evaluation matches against Chiang Rai United (Thailand) on the 14th and 17th. Chiang Rai is a Thai team that also participates in the Asian Champions League (ACL). 토토사이트

Both draws were drawn, and all three goals Jeju scored were scored by Yuri. In particular, in the first game, he scored with a fantastic bicycle kick. It is evaluated by the club that the concentration is excellent in the right of provision and in front of the gate. Hayes’ presence also stood out in Yuri’s scoring. Hayes helped Yuri’s header with an accurate right-footed kick, especially in the second leg. He made coach Ki-il Nam smile with his active participation in defense as well as linked play. Hayes is also trying to find a video of Yuri’s play.

Director Nam said, “Making the details of the attack is an encouraging harvest in the long term. Hayes and Yuri quickly adapt to the team and live up to expectations.” Moreover, Hayes and Yuri have one thing in common, being from the same Brazil, so there is no problem in communication. If the synergy between the two is maximized, Jeju is expected to be able to show off a different level of offensive power compared to last season.

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