At least 20kg weight difference’ Hwang In-soo vs Myung Hyun-man, stand-up striker confrontation

Hwang In-soo (29, FREE), the middleweight champion of mixed martial arts, Road FC, and Myeong-hyeon-man (38), the strongest heavyweight Korean stand-up striker, will face each other beyond their weight class.

On the 17th, Road FC chairman Chung Moon-hong tentatively announced the conclusion of a confrontation between Hwang In-soo and Myung-hyun through his personal YouTube channel.

Hwang In-soo and Myung Hyun-man have been fighting each other and dissing each other through interviews and social media. Then, Hwang In-soo, who appeared as a commentator at the ROAD FC 062 competition, revealed that he would play against Myung Hyun-man on a specific date when asked about his return, and the confrontation between the two took shape.

Hwang In-soo said, “I tried sparring, but I felt that it was worth trying to the point where I thought it was a heavyweight class, so the answer came out comfortably.”

Hwang In-soo is currently a Road FC middleweight fighter. He has a middleweight limit of 84 kg. He is 182 cm tall. On the other hand, Myung Hyeon-man, who is a stand-up striker and mixed martial artist, is a heavyweight fighter. He is 190 cm tall and weighs over 120 kg. In a normal martial arts match, there is no need to face each other. Even if Hwang In-soo goes at his usual weight, not the match weight, there is a difference of more than 20 kg.

The match between the two is expected to unfold as a stand-up striker. This is also absolutely advantageous to Myeonghyeonman. Myung Hyeon-man has participated in mixed martial arts, but kickboxing is basically his base. Even in mixed martial arts, he overwhelms opponents with powerful punches and kicks. On the other hand, he has a distinct weakness on the ground. 토토사이트

On the other hand, Hwang In-soo boasts the strongest punching power in the middleweight division, but is also good at wrestling. Nevertheless, it is pointed out that it is too reckless to confront only Myeong-hyeon in a standing strike rather than a mixed martial arts.

Hwang In-soo directly explained the reason for challenging Myung Hyeon-man, the strongest stand-up striker, with a stand-up striker rather than a mixed martial arts.

He said, “I once sparred with Myung Hyun-man, but he couldn’t get up because he was pushed by me on the ground. It was okay even when we fought standing up,” he said.

Chairman Jeong Moon-hong said, “We will coordinate the specific match method and schedule and announce it at the final press conference.” Let’s have a reasonably fun match.”

Hwang In-su, who had not played since ROAD FC 058, also revealed the reason why he had not been able to defend his title.

Hwang In-soo confessed, “I was grateful for the company’s consideration while doing business.”

In addition, he said, “I am very sorry to the fans for not playing and not defending, so I played against Myung Hyun-man in order to repay the fans to some extent.”

On the other hand, Road FC said, “In order to hold the tournament, we need to consider the location and date,” and “we are coordinating various factors to present the best stage.”

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