Australian court dismisses charges of assaulting ex-girlfriend Kyrios

Tennis player Nick Kyrios (28, Australia), nicknamed ‘the bad boy on the court’ for his eccentricities and fiery personality, was indicted for assaulting his ex-girlfriend, but the court ruled that the assault It was difficult to see it as such, and the prosecution was dismissed.

According to the Australian ABC Broadcasting on the 3rd (local time), the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Magistrates Court judged Kyrios’s actions to be of assault, saying that the level of aggression was lower than that of a general assault crime, and that this was not planned in advance. I thought it was difficult to see.

Magistrate Beth Campbell explained that Kyrios “acted badly in the moment”, but considered it because he needed to get away from the situation at the time. 먹튀검증

According to the ruling, on 10 January 2021, Kirios was arguing with his ex-girlfriend Pasari outside an apartment in Canberra. Kirios called an Uber taxi to get home, and when the car arrived he got into the passenger seat.

But Pasari stood between her passenger seat and the door, demanding Kyrios get out of her car.

The Uber driver said that he could leave only when the door was closed, and Kirios pushed Pasari and closed the car door, saying, “Go away. Leave me alone. I’m going home.”

As a result, Pasari fell and suffered abrasions on her knee.

Two days after the incident, the two met at a cafe in Canberra and Kirios apologized for the incident.

However, the two broke up, and 10 months later, in December 2021, Pasari reported Kyrios to the police for assault. Kyrios was charged with assault, and at trial he admitted what he had done.

However, during the trial, Kirios disclosed his psychiatric history and demanded that the case be dismissed on the grounds of his mental health.

After the trial, Kirios said in a statement that he “respected the verdict and thanked the Court”.

Kirios shows outstanding skills, such as finishing second in singles at Wimbledon last year and reaching the quarterfinals at the US Open, but often clashes with referees, players, and even spectators with harsh words.

Because of this, he is known to have paid more than 1 billion won in fines alone throughout his career.

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