‘Baran, are you shaking’… Kim Min-jae could lose starting job, ‘competitive edge’ for best CB in the game

Napoli’s Kim Min-jae is set to join Manchester United in the English Premier League (EPL).

Recently, Bayern Munich of Germany and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) of France have joined the race, but the Red Devils are still the favorites. It has been reported that the length of the contract, salary, and back number 3 have been finalized, and he will join United on July 1.

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Surprisingly, it has been suggested that Rafael Varane could feel threatened. Initially, Kim was touted as a possible replacement for Harry Maguire, who had become a “step-down” for United. However, this prospect did not last long. Maguire is the backup to Baran and Lisandro Martinez.

This is not a role for Kim Min-jae, who has emerged as one of the best defenders in the Italian Serie A, and has won the Best Defensive Player award to prove it. Therefore, local media predicted that Kim Min-jae would go to United to compete with Baran for a starting spot.

Kim is 190 centimeters and Baran is 191 centimeters. Given that Martinez is 175 centimeters tall, it is inevitable that Baran and Kim will compete for the starting spot. This is where United’s desire for Kim has changed.

Varane has been called the “best center back in the world”. He came to United from Reims and Real Madrid, and spent 10 seasons at the world’s most powerful club. He won the UEFA Champions League (UCL) four times and was a key member of the French national team that won the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

The best center back to win both the UCL and the World Cup. However, his age is an issue. He turned 30 this year. Frequent injuries have kept him out of the team. He has shown signs of declining in his prime, which is why Kim Min-jae is looking to take advantage of this gap.

‘Manutdnews’, which covers the news of Man United, said, “Man United has won the war to sign Kim Min-jae. Next month, United will sign Kim Min-jae. He will join Man United on July 1,” announcing the signing.

The outlet continued, “Kim played a pivotal role in Napoli’s Serie A title triumph. In 35 appearances, he kept 16 clean sheets. He also had a 91% pass completion rate, 1.6 tackles won and 4.5 contests won, and his physicality and presence made life difficult for opposing attackers in the box.”

It went on to say that he will be competing with Varane, and that Kim has a “competitive advantage.

“In our opinion, Kim’s competitiveness and performance will be a perfect fit for the EPL. He will have serious competition for a starting spot with Baran and Martinez. In particular, his arrival could threaten Baran’s position. Baran has been injured frequently, and if this continues, he could lose his starting spot to Kim.”

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