“Benverji? Domestic directors do this much”… Kim Hyung-beom, controversy over Bento disparagement

Football commentator Kim Hyeong-beom, a former national team player, said of Paulo Bento 2022 Qatar World Cup Korean national team coach, “It is true that he has achieved achievements, but it has not changed Korean football tremendously based on the build-up.” made a statement to the effect that

On the 14th, Commissioner Kim said this while analyzing the semifinal match between Argentina and Croatia on YouTube’s “Channel Success”.

While acknowledging the achievement, Commissioner Kim calmly drew the line, saying that he did not transform Korean soccer. His analysis is that praising coach Bento is a bubble created by the achievement of reaching the World Cup round of 16.

Commissioner Kim said, “If coach Bento had a bad (grade), the arrow would not have been a joke,” and “there were many fans who had been waiting for it since before the World Cup.”

He continued, “(The fans who did that) all suddenly changed and said ‘Benverji’ (saying)” and “I acknowledge those who believed in and supported Bento as a human being. But there are too many people who didn’t.” He pointed out, “I applaud Bento for playing good football, but he showed anxiety in the process, and there were definitely things to complain about to our fans.”

Commissioner Kim Hyung-beom said, “We often say that the composition of our country’s players is the best ever. Bento level, when you look at the domestic coach level… I think (any coach) would have played this much football.”

Committee member Kim Hyung-beom said, “It is true that Bento has achieved achievements now. However, Korean football has changed enormously, and the ‘build-up’ has completely changed Korean football (they say), but I don’t think it’s that level.” It is expressed as an enormous thing,” he said. He continued, “A great achievement that Bento made for four years of build-up football? I don’t really see it that way.”

Commissioner Kim Hyung-beom said, “I think we have made more use of the characteristics of Korea.” But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t a member who couldn’t do that.” He added, “I admit the credit. It is not intended to be disparaging,” he added.

Commissioner Kim said, “If you look at the games we played, it is difficult to see it as build-up soccer. We played defensive football, organized football and dedicated football. Bento didn’t try to play this kind of football.”

Regarding Commissioner Kim’s evaluation, netizens are giving more negative opinions. Opinions such as “It is a manager’s ability to produce good results with good members” and “Coach Bento instilled the concept of build-up soccer”. 토토

In an interview with CBS Radio’s ‘Kim Hyun-jung’s News Show’ on the 6th, Kim Byeong-ji, vice chairman of the Korea Football Association, said, “The player composition, player replacement timing, and tactical changes that coach Bento showed during the previous four years were completely different during the World Cup.” I didn’t play the soccer the fans wanted, but in the World Cup, I showed the soccer the fans wanted. I am actually curious about how this has changed so suddenly

.” .

Commissioner Kim’s remarks have been re-edited and cannot be viewed on the current YouTube channel. However, the contents of Commissioner Kim’s remarks remain on community sites.

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