Bielsa arrives at London airport for talks with Everton… Two problems

Manager Marcelo Bielsa has reportedly arrived in London for talks over the Everton managerial position.

The British ‘Daily Mail’ said on the 27th (hereinafter Korean time), “Bielsa flew to London for talks about the Everton managerial position. If you fail to persuade him to join, manager Sean Deitz is emerging as a strong candidate. But Bielsa is the club’s first candidate.”

Everton have not been able to avoid sluggishness this season. Everton has not been able to win 10 consecutive matches (2 draws, 8 losses) in the recent official match. Naturally, the rankings went down. Everton has only 3 wins in the league this season and is currently standing at 15 points. It is the worst level, with the same number of points as Southampton at the bottom.

Eventually, Everton pulled the knife. On the 24th, Everton officially announced on the club website, “Director Lampard has left the club. Thank you for his dedication for a year.” However, he has not been able to appoint a successor immediately. Without finding an appropriate alternative, the first thing to do was to sack Lampard. Everton are considering appointing Bielsa as their successor. But it’s not an easy situation.

The reason was in the team. Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ explained on the 24th, “Bielsa has announced that he is interested in taking over as Everton manager, but he has doubts about whether the current squad will be able to embody his high-energy style.” 토토사이트

Bielsa is one of those managers who use strong pressing and attacking football. Director Bielsa is the one who brought Leeds back to his ‘Leeds days’. He did, but he judged that the tactics he was using were no match for Everton. “Unless assurances about a plan to resolve it are given, Bielsa is likely to withdraw from the talks,” the media said.

The second is a financial issue. The media said, “It will be a big challenge for a club in danger of relegation to convince Bielsa, who is unlikely to accept a short-term contract.” Given the financial constraints, it remains to be seen whether the salary will be as high as Bielsa’s in Leeds.”

If it is difficult to appoint Bielsa, there are alternatives. Director Deitz, Sam Allardyce, and David Ancelotti (son of Carlos Ancelotti) are already being discussed.

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