Breaking news? Fake news that angered Yuna Kim, let’s get angry now 

 Fake news is not a problem yesterday or today, but rather than dying down as time goes by, it spreads like a poisonous mushroom and its ripple effect is growing.

Fake news, which can be seen as a crime that makes society sick rather than freedom of expression, is false facts or false information that is borrowed from the news format and circulated. In that it borrows the public confidence of news with a specific intention and spreads false information, it is causing more damage with greater ripple power than the so-called ‘chirashi’.

It is spreading like a poisonous mushroom, targeting celebrities as well as sports stars. ‘Figure skating queen’ Yuna Kim also became a victim as she became a target.

Recently, on a YouTube channel, content with the formula “emergency breaking news” was uploaded, saying that Yuna Kim and Woo-rim Go were divorced or had an affair, and it spread rapidly. Yuna Kim was also furious at the absurd fake news, which was not true at all, and predicted legal action.

16 Reel Kim Yuna’s agency, All That Sports, said, “Recently, outrageous fake news about the Kim Yuna couple has been uploaded and circulated through social media.” Regarding this, as Yuna Kim’s agency, we will take strict legal action against YouTubers and spreaders of fake news.”

Fake news can also be punished under the law against false information. However, it is spreading like a poisonous mushroom and shows no signs of diminishing.

In order to get rid of fake news, we need to understand the nature of the phenomenon. It should be recognized that fake news is a distribution method in which the content or format of fake news is quickly disseminated through social media. Therefore, it is necessary 카지노사이트to track down and punish not only the original creators but also those who maliciously and manipulatively spread them.

In addition, if the operator of the platform where fake news is generated does not delete the circulated article even when it is found to be fake news, more sophisticated measures must be taken, such as imposing a fine.

The attitude of neglecting fake news must now change.

If fake news continues endlessly, the victims can be not only celebrities but also ordinary members of society. Rather than paying attention to fake news content, our society should be outraged so that fake news can be eradicated. We must uproot the rotten roots of fake news by creating a social atmosphere where people are angry and reported together.

I have to remember once again that myself and my family can become victims of fake news.

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