‘Cheonan 96’ Han Seok-hee, “Look forward to Pass Master Yongho’s assist”

Han Seok-hee is preparing for the new season with ‘Cheonan 96’.

On the 8th, the Korea Professional Football Federation held a press conference for the 5th media camp of the 2023 season K-League winter field training at the Barev Hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju Island. From 2:00 PM, Cheonan City FC, led by manager Park Nam-yeol, participated in a press conference.

Cheonan entered the K-League stage after 15 years since its foundation in 2008. Coaching at Seongnam FC and Jeonnam Dragons, and head coach at Gimhae City Hall and Changwon City Hall, we challenge the K-League 2 stage with coach Park Nam-yeol, who has continued his leadership career.

It was reborn as a completely new team in line with entering the pros. Free agency (FA) with Shin Won-ho, Kim Joo-hwan, and Han Seok-hee, and rental contracts with Chao-yeon and Kim Min-joon. Here, Kim Chang-soo, a former member of the Korean national team, joined as a playing coach, and expectations are also raised for the recruitment of Damir from ‘Suwon Samsung’ and the performance of Motta and Hodouf, a ‘Brazilian duo’.

There is a player who is sweating with extraordinary motivation. This is Han Seok-hee, who spent his career with Suwon Samsung and Jeonnam Dragons, but was hampered by big and small injuries. Cheonan, who is entering the professional league for the first time, is with Han Seok-hee, who is taking on a new challenge. Han Seok-hee, who tied the shoe laces again, expressed his determination for the new season.

[Hereinafter, Han Seok-hee’s interview Q&A]

Q. Current physical condition

A. In the first battery training, I focused on slowly pulling up. Last year, when I was in Jeonnam, I suffered a bruise on my bone, so I took a long break and returned late. I focused on not getting sick as much as possible and following the training. From the 2nd battery training, we are training in earnest. It seems to have risen to 80%. The team also pays attention to things like physical training.

Q. Injury prevention

A. I paid more attention this year. The team was very considerate, and the physical coach also paid a lot of attention. The remaining 20% ​​is the performance or sensory part. I think I can naturally raise it through practice matches for the rest of the period.

Q. Director Park Nam-Yeol’s order

A. I want the defensive part to move together. In an attacking situation, you want to show everything you have. I am working hard to show what I am good a카지노사이트t. Since he is a striker, he also has greed for attack points. In order to score, I want to save parts such as penetration into the opponent’s space or momentary speed.

Q. Build-up soccer

A. The coach doesn’t like dragging the ball. After going over to the opponent’s final area, he tells them to do whatever they want. Until then, I want to keep it simple. Originally, there were difficulties because I do a lot of dribbling, but I think that’s how I was told to play with my teammates. After deploying according to the team’s tactics, he emphasizes that they should be released aggressively.

Q. K-League 2 style

A. Unlike the first part, the second part has a fast tempo and is fierce right after kickoff. At first, I think it was more difficult because I was very hectic. But since I experienced it in Jeonnam, it seems a little easier.

Q. The position you are most confident

in. A. In Suwon, you were the 3 back, so you played with Tagat or (Kim) Geon-hee in the top two. He also played on the side wing when turned four back. He ran both left and right, but I think he jumped more on the right side. I’ve played since childhood, so I don’t care about the center or the side

Q. Season goal

A. The biggest goal is to play more than 30 games without injury. Since his pro debut, he hasn’t played the entire season very often. I want to manage my injury problem well and play in as many games as possible. I think the next goal will be the team ranking and individual attack points.

Q. Personal goal

A. During the winter training interview every season, I promised to ‘do more than a few attack points’, but it didn’t work out. This time, I intend to do as much as possible without leaving it alone.

Q. To the fans

A. You showed good looks in 19 and 20 when you were in Suwon. I was always looking forward to it, but when I was injured, many people describe it as a ‘sore finger’. There are many people who keep in touch even now, so I am very grateful.

As a player, the way I can repay the fans is with good performances and good looks. I think that would be the best gift ever. If you come to the stadium a lot, we are working hard to repay you by scoring goals in good shape.

Q. Adaptation after joining Cheonan

A. There are four players of my age. (Yoon) Yong-ho, (Lee) Kwang-jun, and (Kim) Hyun-joong. We usually eat together as well. He didn’t have any friends when he was in Suwon, but now he’s having fun adjusting.

It was difficult at first because the entire team was working together for the first time, but now it has settled down to some extent. I expect ‘Pass Master’ Yong-ho to provide many assists.

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