Cho Jae-ho, Zapata, Kudron, Mamin Calm, We Marz, Mamin Cal Top 5 from 5 countries, prize money of 200 million won – SK World Championship

The final game of the top 5 representing the 5 countries will be held on March 2nd. 1st place Korea Jae-ho Cho, 2nd place Spain Zapata, 3rd place Belgian Kudron, 4th place Vietnam Mamincalm and 5th place Turkiye Wimaz are strong contenders for the SK Rent-A-Car World Championship with a prize money of 200 million won.

Jo Jae-ho is the representative of Korea, who has yet to win the King of Kings match. He is the only two-time winner of the 2023 season as the champion of the 1st Blue One Competition in June of last year and the Crown Competition in February. He is the only one with a prize of 200 million won.

Cho Jae-ho has defeated all three of the top 5 except for Kudron. Zapata was defeated in the finals of the 1st competition, Wimaz in the semifinals, and Palazon in the semifinals of the 8th competition.

Zapata is the defending champion토토사이트. As the world champion last year, he won the 2nd Hana Card competition in July this season, led Blue One to win the team league, and won the MVP.

Kudron won 7 crowns. Although he has been sluggish all season as the first King of Kings, he won the championship by defeating Leppens in the 6th NH Card Tournament in January. Although he was not in normal condition in the team league, he is an absolute powerhouse in single-shot long hits.

Ma Minkam did not have a winning suit compared to his skills. However, his first win at the High 1 event last December moved him to 4th on the money list.

We Mars also recorded his first win of the season. In September of last year, he defeated Kim Jae-geun at the 3rd TS Shampoo Competition and joined the ranks of champions.

These five are strong players who won’t be surprised no matter who wins. Since they are ranked within the top 8, they will not compete in the round of 32 preliminary league. It’s ‘unknown billiards’, but it doesn’t seem difficult to go to the round of 16, where 2 out of 4 players go up if possible.

Cho Jae-ho, who posted the best results this season, will fight Palazon, Shin Dae-kwon, and Choi Won-joon in Group A.

Group B’s Zapata is Lim Seong-kyun, Lee Young-hoon, Noh Byung-chan, and Group C’s Kudron is Oh Tae-joon, Kim Hyun-woo, and Kim Jong-won.

Group D’s Maminkam stuck the hardest. Vietnam’s colleague Ngo Dinnai and the de facto foreign second-in-command Casido Costas of Greece and Montes of Spain are fighting for two spots.

Group E’s Wimaz meets Kim Young-seop, Park Jung-geun, and Baek Chan-hyun.

Martinez, ranked 6th, will play Kim Jae-geun, Choi Myeong-jin, and Park Joo-seon in Group F, and Kang Min-goo, 7th in Group G, will compete against Lefence, Jeong Gyeong-seop, Kim Im-kwon, and Lee Sang-dae, 8th, in Group H with Kang Dong-gung, Oh Seong-wook, and Kang Seong-ho for the round of 16.

Meanwhile, Kim Byeong-ho, Um Sang-pil, Seo Hyeon-min, Han Ji-seung, Shin Jeong-ju, Geon Hui Geon, Quoc Nguyen, and Phuong Linh Nguyen, who led the team in the Team League, were not invited due to their poor ranking.

Round of 32 Preliminary League, Round of 16, and Quarterfinal tournaments are best-of-five, semi-finals are best-of-seven, and finals are best-of-nine.

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