Chungbuk Segwang Middle School coach Song Yong-joo appointed U-15 youth baseball national team coach

Chungbuk Sekwang Middle Manager Song Yong-joo will lead the national U-15 youth baseball team.

The Korea Baseball Softball Association selected Segwangjung coach Song Yong-joo as the U-15 national youth baseball coach to be dispatched to the 11th Asian Youth Baseball Championship (under 15 years old) to be held in Weihai, China in August.온라인바카라

The association recruited applicants through open recruitment, and on June 27, the competition was evaluated by members of the Performance Improvement Committee for coaches who responded to the competition, and coach Song Yong-ju, who was highly evaluated in leadership and game management ability, was selected as the national U-15 youth baseball team. Confirmed as the representative command tower.

Coach Song Yong-joo, who will lead the U-15 youth baseball team, joined Ssangbangwool Raiders after going through Segwang Middle School and Segwang High School, and then played an active part in Hyundai Phoenix and Hyundai Marine & Fireworks. Since 2013, he has been a leader at Segwang Middle School, his alma mater, and has been guiding his juniors.

Under the guidance of coach Song Yong-joo, Sekwangjung won the 1st Baekhogi National Middle School Baseball Championship and U-15 National Youth Baseball Championship in 2022, and again this year at the 70th National Middle School Baseball Championship.

Meanwhile, the Association selected 18 players, including Kim Dong-young (Sekwang Middle School 3), who won the Best Player Award at the 70th National Middle School Championships, and Park Ki-won (Sekwang Middle School 3), who won the Outstanding Pitcher award, at the Competition Improvement Committee meeting held on the 4th.

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