“Chungtoma, I refuse” 30-30 LG Young-gyeol Legend pays attention to one player “We are talking a lot”

Lee Byeong-gyu, the new head coach, wears a blue-blooded Samsung Lions uniform.

Is it because the feeling of being an eternal LG Twins man remains? The blue blood still feels a bit awkward. Head coach Lee, who joined in earnest from the camp in Okinawa, Japan, focuses on identifying the players and is quickly integrating into the team.

In an interview with Lions TV on the 7th, head coach Lee explained, “Currently, we are watching what kind of tendencies the players have rather than coaching.”

When asked which player to watch out for, head coach Lee Byung-gyu did not hesitate to pick outfielder Koo Ja-wook, the team’s signature hitter.

special interest. Is there a reason Head coach Lee said, “In order for the team to develop, Ja-wook Koo has to become the team leader and do a lot. That’s why he and Ja-wook Koo are talking a lot.”

For Koo Ja-wook, it is fortunate in many토토사이트 ways that Lee Byeong-kyu, head coach, followed by Park Han as batting coach last year.

A legendary outfielder who used to be a 5-tool player with a strong shoulder on offense and defense, as well as long hitting power. In 1999, his career batting average was 0.311, and he also achieved the feat of 30 home runs -30 stolen bases. It can be an ideal model for Ku Ja-wook, who has a similar style in many aspects. For Goo Ja-wook, who is sweating hard for consistency without ups and downs, a word from coach Lee Byeong-gyu is a great strength. Ja-wook Koo is trying to find his own routine, digesting his hell training since his finishing training last fall.

After his debut in 2021, he joined the 20 home run-20 stolen base club for the first time and enjoyed the thrill of winning his first Golden Glove.

Last season, the first year of his multi-year contract. The will to do well caught my ankle. He had to spend an unsatisfactory year on his own.

He failed to complete 100 games for the first time since 2015. He also failed to achieve a batting average of 30% (0.293) for the first time since 2019. The number of home runs also decreased from 22 to 5.

There are no excuses. Koo Ja-wook said, “I have to accept all of that, and since time passes and I can’t go back, I wonder if I should forget the past and try to take a bigger leap forward.”

Then, the coaches I met were Chief Lee Byung-gyu and Hitting Coach Park Han-i. A left-handed legend who earned a reputation as the best hitter for LG and Samsung. If you absorb the strengths of the two leaders, you can get a lot of help in taking off. Ja-wook Koo hinted, “Coach Han-i Park, who has a lot of experience in the game, tells me a lot about the basics and timing.”

Head coach Lee Byeong-gyu pledged, “When I was a player, Samsung was always a good baseball team and it was difficult to compete. I will try to make a strong Samsung again.” He said, “It’s a process of growing young players, and if veteran players support it, it will become a good enough team.” .

Regarding the nickname ‘Blue Toma’, which was the Lions’ symbol of blue, he added, “It’s a nickname from when I was a player, so I don’t think you need to call it. I want to help young players develop.” ” he laughed.

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