‘Concerns about hosting the game in Peru’ KFA, 2nd due diligence scheduled… “We will judge whether it will be an A match level environment”

The Korea Football Association (KFA) is planning a second due diligence on the Busan Asiad main stadium, which is controversial over whether or not to hold a normal A match.

The association announced on the 16th that next month, on the 16th of next month, a friendly match between Peru and Hana Bank’s national soccer team would be played at Busan Asiad Main Stadium.

It has been about 3 years and 6 months since an A match was held in Busan. In December 2019, led by coach Paulo Bento, the EAFF (East Asian Football Federation) E-1 Championship (East Asian Cup) was held in Busan.

Team A has been visiting Busan for the first time in a while, but concerns came before expectations. In September 2020, nine roofs of the Busan Asiad Main Stadium were torn off due to Typhoon Mysak. Almost three years have passed, but the repair work has not yet been done.

If the roof is not aesthetically pleasing, the grass is a part that can directly affect performance. On the 27th, the Dream Concert, the closing ceremony of the 2023 Gifu Industry Fair, is scheduled at the Busan Asiad Main Stadium.

From setting up the stage to accommodating a large number of people looking for a performance here, the grass is bound to be damaged. Since it takes less time to damage than to manage, there are voices of concern over whether or not it will be held normally.메이저놀이터

An official from the association borrowed the words of a person who conducted a due diligence and said, “I heard that the roof is not a decisive factor unless there is an unusual weather condition.”

Unlike the roof, he is still willing to keep an eye on the grass. “We are planning a second due diligence after the concert,” he explained. In addition, he added, “I am confident that there is an optimal expert for grass,” and added, “I will determine whether it will be an A-match-level playground.”

After the second due diligence on the Busan Asiad main stadium, the ticket reservation schedule will be confirmed. Then, what will happen if the condition of the Busan Asiad Main Stadium after the concert is below the evaluation standard?

An official from the association said, “Seoul World Cup Stadium pays a large amount to the facility management corporation and applies for a rental,” and said, “As far as I know there is no special schedule on that day,” he mentioned the next best thing.

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