Dan, Escape from Jeong Chan-sung’s shock after 2 years. Jackson defeated by KO, ending his 3-game losing streak

Dan Leege (pictured) escaped from ‘Jung Chan-sung shock’ after two years. Dan Ige ended his three-fight losing streak by knocking out veteran Damon Jackson, who had won four consecutive victories, by knocking out two innings in the featherweight match at UFC Fight Night 217 held on the 15th.

Dan Ige was a featherweight deity. He went on a six-game winning streak and entered the top 10. However, he went downhill with three consecutive losses, losing to Chan-sung Jeong in June 2021.

In the meantime, Ige, who lost consecutively to Josh Emmet in December and Ebloev in June 2022, fell to 13th place.

Desperate for his turnaround, Dan Ige’s strong will finally ended his losing streak.

Dan Ige’s joy was even greater as his opponent was a 27-year-old veteran on a winning streak.

Dan Ige’s fists and kicks seemed stronger. Ige, who spent the first inning roughly, launched a rough attack with 20 seconds left. 카지노사이트

He drove Jackson with his right body and left hook, then suddenly attempted a takedown and passed Jackson in an instant.

However, the ball rang right away, and the attack time was not long.

Ige, who definitely gained confidence with an attack at the end of the first inning, spent it calmly until the middle of the second inning, then attacked again with about a minute left.

After warming up with a kick, Ige slowed Jackson’s movement with a body kick after a little over 4 minutes, then landed a right uppercut and a left hook in succession.

Jackson, who was instantly hit by a strong punch, fell to the floor without any preliminary movement. It was 4 minutes and 13 seconds in the second inning.

Dan Leege, who had been slowing down after losing to Jung Chan-sung, rewrote his victory record in about a year and seven months, recording 16 wins and 6 losses in MMA and 8 wins and 5 losses in UFC. .

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