‘Defending Champ’ Jung-min Hong, Match Play Quarterfinals… Park Hyun-kyung beats Park Ji-young

‘Defending champion’ Hong Jung-min (21, CJ) settled in the quarterfinals at the Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour Doosan Match Play Championship (total prize money of 900 million won), one step closer to his second consecutive victory in the tournament approached

In the round of 16 of the tournament held at Ladena Country Club (par 72, 6350 yards) in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province on the 20th, Hong Jeong-min won by 4 holes, leaving 2 holes to Ji Han-sol (27, Dongbu Construction).

Hong Jung-min, who won the first tour championship last year, is aiming for a second consecutive victory. Since 2008, there has never been a case of winning two consecutive years in this competition.

Hong Jung-min was caught by Bang Shin-sil (19, KB Financial Group) in the first game of the group stage, but after two games, he won overtime against Bang Shin-sil and advanced to the round of 16.

In the round of 16 that followed, Hong Jung-min won an easy victory. Hong Jeong-min, who trailed by one hole until the 8th hole (par 4), took advantage of the opponent’s bogey at the 9th hole (par 4), the last hole of the first half, to tie the game.

Hong Jeong-min, who started to lead by catching a birdie on the 11th hole (par 4), took the lead by 3 holes as Ji Han-sol swayed continuously on the 12th hole (par 5) and 13th hole (par 3).

In the 14th hole (par 4), he caught a birdie and widened it to 4 holes, effectively splitting the game. The chase was allowed on the 15th hole (par 4), but the game was finished by bringing back the 16th hole (par 3).

After the game, Hong Jung-min said, “I didn’t expect victory because my initial shot was shaky, but as I persevered and endured, the opportunity came.”

Hong Jeong-min will compete with ‘veteran’ Ahn Seon-joo (36, National Beef) in the quarter-finals this afternoon to advance to the quarter-finals.

Park Hyeon-gyeong (23, Korea Real Estate Trust). (provided by KLPGA)

Park Hyeon-kyung (23, Korea Land Trust) won the KLPGA Grand Prix this season by two holes ahead of Park Ji-young (27, Korea Land Trust), who is leading the prize money category, with one hole left.

Park Hyun-kyung continued her upward trend of 4 consecutive wins to the round of 16 following her 3 wins in the group stage.스포츠토토

After taking the lead in the 9th hole (par 4), he played a stable game that never allowed a chase.

Park Hyun-kyung said after the game, “Last year, I failed in the preliminaries, so I struggled. I trained hard, but I’m happy that I came to the quarterfinals.”

Park Hyeon-kyung faces Roh Seung-hee (22, Yojin Construction) in the quarterfinals. Noh Seung-hee defeated Lee Seung-yeon (25, SK Networks) in the round of 16.

Seong Yu-jin (23, Hanwha Q CELLS), who finished runner-up at the LPGA Tour Lotte Championship last month, defeated Lim Hee-jung (23, Doosan E&C) by one hole in the round of 16 to join the quarterfinals.

Seong Yu-jin, who is on a four-game winning streak, faces Yu Seo-yeon 2 (20, BHC) in the quarterfinals.

In addition, Han Jin-sun (26, Kakao VX) and Na Hee-won (29, High1 Resort) will advance to the quarterfinals and face off.

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