‘Defense and connection are the key to victory’ Korea Expressway Corporation vs. Pepper Savings Bank

Korea Expressway Corporation and Pepper Savings Bank will face off in the 5th round. The two teams will start the match at the Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium at 4:00 pm on the 18th.

The home team, Korea Expressway Corporation, is in third place with 47 points from 16 wins and 12 losses. The gap with second place Hyundai E&C (21 wins, 8 losses, 62 points) is 15 points. It is a gap that is not easy to narrow in reality. It is 4 points away from 4th place KGC Ginseng Corporation (14 wins, 15 losses, 43 points). After today’s game, the point gap is important. Considering that the semi-playoffs are held when the score is within 3 points, it is very important to obtain 3 points for the Gyeonggi Expressway Corporation today.

The visiting team, Pepper Savings Bank, is at the bottom with 3 wins, 25 losses and 9 points. This season, Pepper Savings Bank has celebrated its second season since its foundation, but it is confirming that it is still in the stage of consolidating its strength.

But the game is getting better. This season, we can find meaning in that we have won against Korea Expressway Corporation, GS Caltex, and Hyundai E&C. For the rest of the season, it is important to finish the season with a good game and shake off the burden.

Pepper Savings Bank announced the appointment of a new director of Aachen Kim the day before. Lead the team from the new season. Existing acting manager Lee Kyung-soo will be in charge of the head coach. Coach Lee Seong-hee also trains setters on the team. The key is how the new season, in which the existing domestic leader and the young leader who has achieved achievements in the US NCAA, form a chemical bond, will harmonize.

Right now, the players of today’s game must show their will and be able to move forward for the beauty of the end.

In the four matches between the two teams this season, the road construction has a 3-1 advantage. It is still memorable that Pepper Savings Bank won 3-1 in the game on December 31 last year and succeeded in winning the season for the first time. Afterwards, the Korea Expressway Corporation succeeded in revenge with a 3-0 complete victory in the 4th round confrontation on January 12th.

What is the development of today’s game? Recently, the Korea Expressway Corporation won 3-1 victory over Hyundai E&C on the 14th, demonstrating the harmony of solid defense and connection on the court. We are going to continue that trend with today’s game.

Pepper Savings Bank smiled as they won 3-2 against Hyundai E&C at their home in Gwangju on February 10th. It was the result of fighting spirit. Afterwards, he met with Heungkuk Life Insurance on the 15th, but was unable to use his strength and lost 0-3.

It is Pepper Savings Bank that needs to show meticulousness in today’s game receive, defense, and connection.

The Korea Expressway Corporation has a color that completes his first touch with Moon Jung-won participating in the receive centered on Limyeong-ok Libero. Afterwards, in the connection of Lee Yoon-jung setter, he uses the attack route toward Catbell, Park Jung-ah, and Bae Yuna.

Pepper Savings Bank is strengthening 카지노사이트its receiving and defense with the addition of Oh Ji-young as a libero. It is important that the players standing in the receiving line, including Lee Han-bi, Park Kyung-hyeon, and Park Eun-seo, persevere. Lee Go-eun, the setter, distributes. His work with Nia Reid is improving. Lee Han-bi and Park Kyung-hyeon must exert their strength.

It is at this point that all players in all clubs run out of stamina. It is a time when mental strength becomes more and more important. It is an increasingly difficult time to expect performance.

In times like these, the most important thing is the basics. In addition, the ability of the player who enters the substitution can also determine the win or loss.

Today’s game is in the same context. The defense and receiving, and the connection between them, seem to be the difference between winning and losing the game. The game starts at 4pm.

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