‘Designing long-term vision for youth and strengthening support’ Ansan, general manager Kim Yong-rae – Appointment of scout Ji-hwan Ham 

Ansan Greeners FC announced on the 16th that it had strengthened support for the youth team by appointing youth general director Kim Yong-rae (hereafter referred to as youth director) and scout Ham Ji-hwan.

The reason why Ansan introduced the new youth director system this time is to consistently operate the club’s youth teams, which lead to U12, U15, and U18, with a long-term vision. We plan to produce good players in the club’s youth team and at the same time operate and strengthen it as a system that penetrates the team.

Youth Director Kim Yong-rae will oversee Ansan’s youth system and play a role in strengthening Ansan’s future youth team. The youth director is responsible for setting the direction of football at the youth level, sharing a consistent philosophy from the youth level to the professional level of the club. The importance of youth directors has been emphasized to nurture young players and produce good players according to the club’s philosophy and direction.

Kim Yong-rae, youth director, is outstanding in both administration and leadership. He served as a technical member of the Korea Football Association (KFA) Technical Development Committee and a technical member of the Korea Professional Football Federation Technical Research Group (TSG). He also served as a professor at Honam University’s Department of Soccer, an instructor at the Korea Football Association’s Leadership Class, and an instructor at Chung-Ang University, Gachon University, and Sejong University, and accumulated various educational careers on football and systems.

Youth Director Kim served as a professional coach for Ansan Greeners in 2020, and is now in charge of Ansan Greeners’ all-age youth (U12, U15, U18) teams as general youth director. Youth Director Kim plans to lead the long-term youth system of the club by establishing a consistent philosophy and direction for the Ansan youth system based on his understanding of the club and his experience accumulated through various thesis activities and research activities on soccer and the K-League. 메이저놀이터

In line with this, Ansan also appointed scout Ham Ji-hwan. The purpose of scouting Ham Ji-hwan is to develop and nurture competitive players who can easily adapt to the professional stage by intensively nurturing necessary players in youth. The reason why scout Ham Ji-hwan was appointed is because he has a high understanding of the club’s youth team.

Scout Ham started his leadership career as a coach at Jecheon Soccer Center U15 in 2016, went on to coach Jecheon Soccer Center U15 and U18, and then became Ansan Greeners FC U18 coach in 2022. As a U18 coach, he advanced to the top split of the ‘K League Junior Second Half League’ after 6 years of founding and contributed to finishing with the highest score since the founding of the youth team at the ‘2022 GROUND.NK League U18&17 Under (U-17) Championship’ Passion for the team and rich experience.

The Ansan youth team has grown up every year with good results every year. In the future, Ansan plans to operate the team with the club’s long-term youth team vision and philosophy through the appointment of youth director Kim Yong-rae and scout Ham Ji-hwan.

CEO Lee Jong-geol said, “I think the future of the club begins with the youth team. That is why Ansan Greeners also wants to build a solid youth system and create a better environment for young players who grew up in Ansan to grow into good players. plan. Both Kim Yong-rae youth director and Ham Ji-hwan scout are excellent people, so I will grow the team with affection for the youth team.”

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