Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance won the first home game of the new year.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance won the home game against KEPCO in the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League held at Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon on the 5th with a set score of 3 to 2 after a full set match.

Ahmed Iqbairi took the lead in the team’s victory with 28 points and a triple crown (more than 3 points from a sub-blocking back attack). Kim Jeong-ho contributed with 12 points, and Shin Shin-ho, who played as a substitute, played an active part with 15 points.

On this day, the blocking of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance stood out. Blocking was 20, 6 more than KEPCO (14). He was also ahead of the serve. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance recorded 8 and KEPCO recorded 5.

In the 5th set, there was a referee decision that excited manager Kim Sang-woo. With Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance leading 10-8, Hogun Lee made a double contact.

Coach Kim said, “I didn’t talk about it if it was a very severe double contact. In a close situation (double contact), the technical committee decided to skip it unless it was severe.” The referee didn’t blow it at the time, but he admitted it in the referee.” 토토사이트

Regarding the replacement Shin Shin-ho, Samsung Fire & Marine Manager Kim said, “I put Shin Shin-ho in the lineup at the beginning of the season and expected him to play an active role. I also liked it. I hope this will help me regain my confidence and grow.”

In this game, Kim Jun-woo, the first season of his debut, was also good. He recorded the most blocks of 7 in a single game.

Coach Kim praised him, saying, “I am proud to see him improving every time he practices or plays. I hope (Kim) Jun-woo grows well. His hand shape and jump height are good.”

In the 3rd set, it was blocked by KEPCO’s blocking and was helpless at 15-25. However, in the fourth set, they dominated 25-12. Director Kim said, “In the 4th set, Ikbairi matched Thais. Ikbairi did not run away from Thais, but instead competed head-on. There, Ikbairi’s attack was good.”