Easy 選擇

Independent’ is a very suitable word when talking about Shin Jin-seo’s status. In 2022, he conquered three world championships, including LG pear, Samsung Fire & Marine cultivation, and the Noodle Mountains, and contributed decisively to the victory of Nongshim pear in Korea, a team event. It is reigning with 7 gold medals both domestically and internationally, and the ranking has been steadfast for 37 months. This year, he will be 23 years old in July, marking his 11th year at the club. 토토사이트

The scene where black crossed ▲. Here, Yang Dingxin picked up a card (28) that directly broke the black dust around the idol. This waterway was also able to protect Reference 1 and 1. Then, up to 26 is almost inevitable, and the black is a little thick, but this is also a game of baduk. With a pair of 29, it was possible to pursue management on the left side with a pincer attack with 30 one step higher.

30 and up to 36 are standard. Both 37 and 38 are ‘easy choices’. 38, reference 2 degree was recommended. 6’s retreat is inevitable (breaking 6’s into 9’s is difficult due to A’s weakness). After reaching 45, it seems that black’s silli is more desirable than white’s foreign power. In other words, Operation 40’s throwaway stone was nothing new. Then, White moved closer to 46 and aimed the gun at Black in the upper left corner.

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