“Filled one by one”… 147km bang! Transformation of the mythical ‘skilled pitcher’ of an independent baseball team

“I can take a test even if I ask him to come right now.”

Hyun Do-hoon (29) has an extraordinary career. Many professional players graduate from high school or college and wait to be named pros.

After graduating from Shinil Middle School, Hyun Do-hun moved to Japan and completed high school and university. He played baseball while in middle school, but left for Japan after he didn’t quite stand out.

His passion for baseball did not cool down, and he continued playing baseball in Japan. After graduating from college, he pursued his dream of becoming a professional again. He honed his skills at the Paju Challengers, an independent baseball team.

Hyun Do-hoon’s sweat was soon rewarded. Hyun Do-hoon was recruited by Doosan Bears, who highly appreciated his stable game management and sincerity.

He also made his debut in the first team. He stepped on the mound for the first team in 2018 and 2021, playing in 3 and 5 games.

He was a man who confirmed both potential and homework in the first team, but he certainly did not have a chance at the first team stage. Although the talent he had was evaluated as good, he did not fully display his skills in the first team. To make matters worse, he has not been able to play this season due to a shoulder blade injury. He was eventually informed by Doosan that he would not be able to play the 2023 season with him.

The age that started to enter the 30 s. Hyun Do-hoon caught the ball again. He’s better on the ball than before. In the past, the highest fastball limit was 140 km per hour, but it has already started to come out to 147 km.

Hyun Do-hoon said, “I felt good at the beginning of this year, but I became impatient because of the injury. Now, when I thought I could do it in earnest, the season was over.” It’s okay to do it.” He showed confidence.

Hours of rehabilitation leading to release. However, it was a time for Hyun Do-hoon to grow one step further as a player. He said, “Since I couldn’t throw the ball while rehabilitating, I tried to fill in a lot of areas that I lacked in the meantime. As a result, I think I’m in better shape now than when I moved from Paju to Doosan.” 토토사이트

Even though we couldn’t be together, the memories in Doosan remained as unforgettable memories for Hyun Do-hoon. He said, “This is the club that made me feel like a professional for the first time. It’s regrettable, but as much as I worked hard, I have no regrets.” I also did not play many games in the first team, but I am also grateful to the fans who always supported me.”

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