Filling the void of electric light, will it work against Korean Air, the ‘king of the end’?

First of all, it worked until the playoffs.

Hyundai Capital advanced to the championship match with a 2-1 lead in the V-League men’s playoff against KEPCO.

The hump is over. At the end of the regular season, Hyundai Capital faced a crisis due to an ankle injury to outside heater Jeon Kwang-in, the core and captain of the team.

Jeon Kwang-in’s position in Hyundai Capital is untouchable. Jeon Kwang-in scored 406 points in 34 matches and 122 sets in the regular league this season. The attack success rate is 56%. Here, with a receiving efficiency of 40%, Jeon Kwang-in is a player with a large proportion in terms of defense. The triangular formation, including Jeon Kwang-in, apositive spiker Heo Soo-bong, and another outside heater Oreol, was the offensive line that Hyundai Capital boasts.

As one axis collapsed, director Choi Tae-woong was in trouble. Since he is a virtually irreplaceable player, he put up a variety of cards. In the first game, Moon Seong-min led the game with 18 points, and in the second game, Lee Si-woo made a surprise appearance. In the third game, Lee Si-woo and Hong Dong-seon shared their roles and became the winner.

Jeon Kwang-in’s participation in the championship match is not expected to be easy. Coach Choi said, “Jeon Kwang-in is only focusing on rehabilitation. He himself is motivated and is on the field, but it seems that he will not be able to do it yet in terms of player protection. He seems to have a little more time,” he said, expressing his skepticism about his participation.

In the end, even in the championship match, the key is whether Jeon Kwang-in’s vacant seat can be ‘reversed’. It is because the level of the opponent is different.토토사이트

Korean Air, the top team in the regular league, is the ‘final boss’ in the men’s division. In the regular league, with 26 wins and 10 losses, it was relatively easy to secure first place by harvesting the most points. In addition, I took a break after the game on the 19th, so I can afford it physically. It is much less burdensome than Hyundai Capital, which has continued a murderous forced march every two days.

In terms of relative performance, Hyundai Capital is significantly behind. 1 win 5 losses from 6 matches this season. They also lost in their most recent match.

In addition, even if he fills the gap, which is an electric light, he has to worry about the setter fight. In the playoffs, tall setter Kim Myung-gwan showed his presence by serving and blocking, but it is unknown whether he will work well against Korean Air. Korean Air has one of the best setters in Korea. Han Seon-su’s biggest weakness is his physical strength, but even this is difficult for him to attack.

In a way, it is a reckless challenge, but Choi thinks he will face it with confidence. He said, “I’m a little worried, but I risked my pride, and I couldn’t win the come-from-behind championship in the regular league, so I’ll try in the championship game.”

The first leg of the championship match between the two teams will be held in Incheon on the 30th.

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