“I came all the way to Vietnam unexpectedly to see him overcome his disappointment in Singapore.”

On the 16th, at the Twin Doves GC (par 72) in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam, during the first round of the KLPGA Tour PLK Pacific Rings Korea Championship, a variety of people, from fans from Vietnam to players’ families and local residents, came to the gallery.

Lee Ki-il (46), a member of Park Hyeon-kyung’s fan club ‘Cutiful’, said, “I was so heartbroken that I couldn’t leave the venue for more than two hours after the award ceremony at the Singapore Women’s Open before the opening of the KLPGA tour last week.” That’s why I came back to Vietnam. I want to cheer on the way I do my best until the end abroad.” Park Hyun-kyung finished the second round of the last tournament and chased leader Park Ji-young by one stroke, aiming for a come-from-behind victory in the final round. But unexpected heavy rain Due to this, the final round was canceled and it was tied for second place.

A total of 7 Cutiful members visited Vietnam. Even in hot weather with a maximum temperature of over 30 degrees, the members cheered for Park Hyun-kyung without showing any irritation, drinking ice water and carrying long umbrellas to block the sunlight. Wearing matching light green Park Hyeon-kyung fan club T-shirts and accessories to support players, the passion for watching the round was as good as any other idol fan club.

The consideration to keep the player’s concentration was also extraordinary. Even when the player took a posture to prepare for a swing, he did not move at all even in the situation where sweat was streaming down his face. She even showed an agape (absolute love) aspect when a player made a good shot, rejoicing as if it were her job, shouting “good shot” and cheering.

Hwang Je-hun (47), general manager of Cutieful, who visited the site, said, “I visited Vietnam after spending a golden vacation. Also, as there are people who take a break from business, everyone is very passionate.” I wish it would,” he said.

In response to these passionate fans, Park Hyun-kyung also expressed her gratitude and responded.

On the day of the first round, they had a short photo time with the fans before the round started, and after the game, as soon as they submitted their scorecards, they approached the fans, exchanged friendly greetings, signed autographs, and took pictures.

At the press conference held on the 15th, when the practice round was held, Park Hyun-kyung said, “I get more strength when I see fans carrying ice bags and wearing hats even when I want to give up.” It’s okay. The fans are my motivation,” he said, expressing his gratitude.

Even though they are not members of the fan club, the players’ parents, who are the ‘first fans’ of all players, have come to Vietnam to take care of their children and cheer them on.

Even in the cloud-like galleries of each tournament, players’ parents can be easily found. They are the ones who silently look at the players from behind the players with a more anxious expression than anyone else.

On this day, the backs of the players were full of parents who followed them like shadows. When the players missed a shot or missed a putt unfortunately, the ground sighed, and when they caught a birdie, they applauded and cheered with a look as if they had won the world. 안전놀이터

It was also noticeable that the parents of other players in the same group as their children constantly encouraged and comforted each other and shared their feelings of sympathy.

The father of professional Lee Ga-young, who won her first championship last year, said, “I follow almost all competitions Ga-young participates in, both domestically and internationally. He showed deep denial.

On the other hand, local Koreans in Vietnam also visited the venue for a high-level game that is not easily seen. Unlike their fans and family, they seemed to have come to the festival with a light heart.

They usually looked for the last group where the best plays were likely to come out. They gathered in groups of threes and fives and sighed as if they were impressed by each and every good shot of the players, and they enjoyed the tournament while laughing with their acquaintances.

A Korean resident of Vietnam said, “It is regarded as a festival among Koreans. Today is a weekday (Friday), so I know that there are many people who could not come.”