‘Gapyeong Education Center Cup Elementary/Middle Track and Field Championship’, 80% of general players won, why?

At the athletics competition held as part of the early discovery of excellent prospects (2023 Gapyeong Education Center Festival Elementary and Middle Athletics Dream Festival), the performance of general players who did not belong to the track and field team stood out.

These general players took first place (78%) in 32 of the 41 events held. It is analyzed that this result is not because the performance of student athletes belonging to the track and field team is lower than that of general athletes, but because the number of schools and students running the track and field team is greatly insufficient.

In the competition held on the 3rd, there are eight student athletes belonging to the track and field team ▲Gapyeong Elementary School – Kim Ji-yu, Park Seung-jun, Oh Chan-yu ▲Gapyeong Middle School – Seo Ye-rin, Shin Dong-woo, Kim Jeong-ah, Choi Yoon, and Shin Ye-in. In the case of Gapyeong-gun, Gapyeong Elementary School is the only school that runs track and field teams in 13 elementary schools (16 including branch schools). Among the seven middle schools, only Gapyeong Middle School has a track and field team.

These eight student athletes also gave away first place to regular athletes in some events. However, he took first place in 9 events (including 2 gold medals) and showed off his skills by receiving the evaluation that ‘the track and field team did well’.

The 9 events where the student athletes won were ▲80m female 4th grade ▲100m male 2nd grade ▲100m female 1st grade ▲100m female 2nd grade ▲600m male 5th grade ▲600m female 2nd grade ▲long jump female 4th grade Grade ▲ Long jump male elementary school 5th grade ▲ Long jump female middle school 2nd grade, etc.

In 32 events, excluding 9 events in which student athletes swept first place, ordinary players showed better than expected and took first place.

The award winners for each elementary school event for general athletes are as follows. ▲ Ji Sang-hyeon (Cheongpyeong Elementary School, 13 seconds 06) ▲ Donghui (Sangmyeon Elementary School, 13 seconds 21 seconds) ▲ Kim Joo-hyun (Sangsaek Elementary School, 13 seconds 52 seconds), etc. 1st to 3rd respectively.

Also ▲ 100m male 5th grade – Jung Byung-jin (Miwon Elementary School, 15.17) ▲ 100m female 5th grade – Kim Ri-woo (Gapyeong Elementary School, 16.44) ▲ 100m male 6th grade – Shin Seok-jin (Cheongpyeong Elementary School, 16.34) ▲ 100m female 6th grade – Yoon Soo-mi (Gapyeong Elementary School, 16.11) and others each took the gold medal.

In the middle and long distance category, ▲ 600m 4th grade male – Donghui (Sangmyeon Elementary School, 2min 19.94) ▲ 600m 4th grade female – Wi Areum (Cheongpyeong Elementary School, 2min 30.67) ▲ 600m 5th grade female – Lee Yu-jeong (Miwon Elementary School, 2min 8.43) ) ▲600m 6th grade male – Joo-hwan Jeong (Jojongcho, 2:09.67) ▲600m 6th grade female – Kim Ha-yeon (Chojongcho, 2:36.85) each won the championship.

In the case of Sangmyeon Elementary School (Principal Hong Jeong-pyo), which has only 48 students, it received a gold medal and a silver medal each, drawing attention from the field.

General Athletes The winners of each event for middle school students are ▲100m Male Junior Grade 1 – Chae Hee-chang (Jongjong Middle School, 14.18) ▲100m Male Middle School 3rd Grade – Han Chung-hee (Jojong Middle School, 12.98) ▲ 100m Female Junior High School Grade 3 – Literary In (Seorak Middle School, 14.34) ▲600m Male 1st grade middle school – Inseong Woo (Seorak Middle School, 2min 01.60) ▲600m Male 2nd grade – Seok Seong-jun (Seorak Middle School, 1min 51.03) ▲ 600m Male 3rd grade – Jinheon Kim (Jojong Middle School, 1min 53.27) ▲ 600m Female 3rd grade – Hong Ji-woo (Seorak Middle School, 2:18.82) and others.

In addition, 15 gold medals (83.3%) out of 18 field events by class, grade, and gender, such as long jump and shot put, were won by ordinary elementary and middle school athletes.

As such, since there are only a few elementary and middle schools operating track and field teams in the region, in order to achieve excellent results at the Gyeonggi-do competition (2023 Superintendent of Education Track and Field Competition and the 52nd National Youth Sports Festival Gyeonggi-do representative final selection) to be held on the 19th and the national competition held in May It is pointed out that systematic training for general players is urgent. 메이저놀이터

Lee Jun-sang, director of the Gapyeong Office of Education, said, “Through this event, we decided that it was urgent to train ordinary players who had excellent skills but had not received technical training, so we are discussing this with the Gapyeong-gun Sports Association.” He added, “First of all, the track and field coaches decided to provide professional training after school for general athletes participating in Gyeonggi-do competitions.”

Ha Tae-hun, head of the Gapyeong Office of Education, said, “This competition was held for the purpose of supporting the discovery of future sports talent.” . He went on to emphasize, “We will continue to hold such competitions regularly in the future to discover young talents.”

Kim Da-eun of Gapyeong-gun won two gold medals (100m and 400m relay) at the 2023 Iksan KTFL National Unemployment Track and Field Championships held last month. In the 100m at the 22nd Korea U20 (Under 20) Track and Field Championships last year, Jeon Ha-yeong (Gapyeong High School) swept gold, silver and bronze medals with local seniors Kim So-eun and Kim Da-eun, and Ga-kyung is emerging as a track and field mecca.

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