Gimcheon, who transfused a large number of ‘national level’ recruits, seeks re-promotion

It was demoted to part 2, but it is not a lineup that will be in part 2.

Managing Director Kim Cheon was demoted to K-League 2 last season. In the first and second rounds of the promotion playoffs (PO) with Daejeon Hana Citizen, who finished 11th in K League 1 and 2nd in K League 2, they fell far behind by a total of 1-6. From the 2023 season, while having to compete with the second division teams, a large number of ‘national level’ recruits have already been transfused.

In December of last year, the Military Manpower Administration announced the final 18 people out of 91 applicants who passed the document screening rate, and it was full of players who were said to be the best in the league.

Starting with Yoon Jong-gyu (FC Seoul), who attended the 2022 Qatar World Cup, Cho Young-wook (FC Seoul), Park Min-gyu (Suwon FC), Kim Jin-gyu (Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors), and Won Doo-jae (Ulsan Hyundai) were included. In addition, Lee Sang-min (FC Seoul) and Kim Jae-woo (Daejeon Hana Citizen), members of the Tokyo Olympics, were also named.

This is a strong lineup. Most of them are players who have one place on the team. In Kimcheon, 13 members of Kimcheon’s 3rd class, including Cho Kyu-seong (Jeonbuk), Jung Seung-hyun (Ulsan), and Gu Seong-yoon, who were K-League 1 top scorers last season, and 11 members of the 14th class, including Ko Seung-beom and Park Ji-soo, were discharged at the end of December last year.

However, the power doubled. With national team-level resources such as Lee Young-jae and Kwon Chang-hoon still in place, 18 players who passed this year are strengthening the lineup.

Just look at the expected lineup. Kwon Chang-hoon, Jo Young-wook, and Kim Ji-hyun can form the attack line, while Lee Young-jae, Won Doo-jae, Kim Jin-gyu, Koo Bon-cheol, and Kim Hyun-wook can form the midfield. If Park Min-kyu, Lee Sang-min, Kim Jae-woo, and Yoon Jong-kyu form the defensive line, and Kang Hyun-moo wears goalkeeper gloves, he will not be pushed back against anyone in the K-League 1. 토토사이트

Kim Cheon appointed a new command tower this year. Former manager Kim Tae-wan, who had been with the team for about 20 years as a coach and manager since 2003, resigned from his position in December of last year. With head coach Seong Han-soo taking the baton, he said, “I look forward to the enlistment of good players such as Jo Young-wook, Won Doo-jae, and Kang Hyun-moo. The 2023 season will focus on scoring. We will show a multi-scoring game centered on fast football.”

On the other hand, Sangmu Kim Cheon plans to start a full-fledged winter training in Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do from the 15th.

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