“Goal of 180 innings + 15 wins or more” The bold aspirations of a new foreigner reminiscent of a V11 hero

Whether Adonis Medina (27), who joined the KIA Tigers this season, is active is receiving great attention.

Medina signed a contract for a total of $636,000 this year ($36,000 down payment, $300,000 annual salary, $300,000 in options). Medina, a native of the Dominican Republic, has a 5.35 ERA with 1 win, 1 loss and 1 save in 19 major league games (2 starts)토토사이트. He went 36-33 with 2 saves and 2 holds in 135 games (106 starts) in the minor leagues, with an earned run average of 3.83. In the 2022 season, he played 14 games for the New York Mets, with 1 win, 1 save and an earned run average of 6.08. In the minor league (Triple A), he pitched 31 innings in 18 games (2 starting games), recording an average ERA of 4.65 with 1 win, 1 save and 1 hold. KIA said, ‘Medina has a powerful sinker that throws a fast ball over 150km and a deciding ball. He mixes and throws a variety of pitches, including a slider, changeup, and curveball. In particular, he introduced that his pitch is stable even with his fast speed.

Medina, who is building a body at the KIA spring camp, expressed anticipation, saying, “I know it as the most prestigious club in the KBO League and a club with a thick fan base.” He added, “I don’t know much about the KBO league yet, but I have confidence in my skills.”

Socrates Brito is helping Medina get used to the beginning. Medina said, “I received advice from Socrates, ‘Baseball is not very different in any country. You just have to do your best.'” also

Medina is slowly improving his pitching skills through 4 bullpen pitchings and 1 live pitching in this spring camp. KIA coach Kim Jong-guk expressed his anticipation, saying, “I received a report that two-seam comes out close to 150km. He is a pitcher with a good pitch.” “He’s confident with all pitches, but I think sinkers are the ones that can confuse hitters,” Medina said.

KIA coaches seem to recall Hector Noesi, who led V11 in 2017, over Medina’s pitching. Director Kim said, “The way he throws the ball softly is similar to Hector’s.” “I also prefer to throw the ball softly,” Medina said.

Medina said, “I played more than 180 innings in the Dominican League. My goal this year is 15 wins. I want to achieve more than that in both innings and wins. As a member of the team, I will do my best to win.”

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