Iguodala makes a comeback.

‘ESPN’ reported on the 7th (hereinafter Korean time) that Golden State Warriors forward Andre Iguodala will play for the first time this season against the Orlando Magic on the 7th.

Golden State is having difficulty managing the game as many of its rotation resources such as Stephen Curry, Andrew Wiggins, Jonathan Cuminga, and Jamaikal Green have recently been injured. They seemed to be doing well with a five-game winning streak, but recently lost at home to Detroit, the bottom-most team in the league.

Golden State, which has a vacancy in its roster, returns with a welcome face in the game against Orlando on the 8th. Iguodala is a seasoned veteran on the team.

Iguodala is a veteran who has won four championships with Golden State since 2015. In the 2015 Finals, he effectively blocked LeBron James and showed off his presence in the attack, winning the Finals MVP. 

Iguodala, who made a comeback to Golden State last season, only played 31 games due to his aging. However, it is known that he made a considerable contribution by speaking out for the team. In particular, he served as a mentor to young players like Kuminga. After enjoying his fourth championship, Iguodala considered retiring, but decided to play the NBA for one more season. 토토사이트

If Iguodala returns, Golden State is expected to gain more strength in operating the forward line. Although not as good as in his prime, Iguodala is a player who has the defensive ability to block the opponent’s key forwards in a short period of time. Here, the role of guiding young players on the court is expected.

Coach Steve Kerr said, “Andre Iguodala is a truly amazing player. He still has an amazing body, but his greatest weapon is his outstanding brain,” leaving expectations for Iguodala’s return.

As it is a real game after a long time, he is expected to play against Orlando within the time limit of Iguodala. He wondered what Iguodala would look like playing their first game of the season.