Ha Yoon-gi is the best star in professional basketball… 3-point shot King Eun-eun Heoung

The ‘Feast of the Stars’ professional basketball all-star game was held in front of a full crowd.

The tension in the fierce ranking competition was put down for a while, and the players showed off their hidden talents and talents to the fullest.

Reporter Park Ji-woon personally felt the hot atmosphere.


This All-Star Game sold out within 3 minutes of pre-sale.

Although the outdoor event was canceled due to inclement snowy weather, the fans’ passionate interest did not diminish.

<Lee Yun-seul / Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do> “I’m here to support Lee Dae-sung’s KGC player Byun Jun-hyung and Moon Seong-gon.” 토토사이트

<Ju Ha-eun / Jeonju Wansan-gu> “I’m looking forward to dunking. Since we came from Jeonju, there are a lot of KCC players, so I’m rooting for Heoung.”

‘Feast of the Stars’ began with rapper Bio’s opening performance.

Provoking a senior roommate, scoring a goal while grabbing the back of his neck, and performing various showmanships that are difficult to see normally.

Heo Woong’s team caught up with the score, which had once been 32 points, by 5 points, but in the end, Lee Dae-sung’s team took the victory with a score of 122-117.

Suwon KT’s Ha Yoon-gi, who scored 28 points, won the MVP award.

<Ha Yoon-ki / All-Star Game MVP> “I felt that the hyungs were pushing me a lot. So I worked hard to receive the award, and it is like a dream and an honor…”

In the three-point shooting contest, superstar Heo Woong took first place, proving that he is the best in both popularity and skill.

From special performances with dance team hook and top 10 all-star players to fun games with fans and players, laughter and cheers did not leave Suwon KT Sonicboom Arena all day long.

Leaving behind the cheers of the fans who filled the All-Star Game, the players return to their teams and re-enter the fierce competition for rankings.

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