‘Han Yu-mi and Kim Yeon-kyung joined’ Cesar, who has become more sticky, will he wash away last year’s sluggishness?

The second season of coach Cesar Hernandez, the head coach of the Korean women’s volleyball team, has begun. Run again to advance to the Olympic finals for the fourth time in a row.

The Korean national team parted ways with coach Stefano Lavarini, who led them to the semifinals of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, and joined hands with head coach Cesar. However, he had a poor record in his first season. In 2022, the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) Volleyball Nations League (VNL) recorded all 12 losses, and was eliminated from the group stage with 1 win and 5 losses in the World Championship, which had the largest proportion of FIVB ranking points.

Of course, it was a foretold disaster. After the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, veterans Kim Yeon-kyung, Kim Su-ji, and Yang Hyo-jin left, but preparations for this were insufficient.

Park Jung-ah, who became the national team captain after Kim Yeon-kyung, said at the national team public training media event held at the Jincheon National Training Center on the 16th, “Compared to when my sisters were there, I think the gap has widened in all areas of karate and defense. There are also many players who are learning for the first time, regardless of their volleyball skills. There are also players who are selected for the national team during the off-season and are even the first to compete in international competitions. It seems that it was difficult and difficult because it was the first time doing basic things,” he said about the reality the national team faced.

The Korean Volleyball Association also tried to change. Through open recruitment, he appointed commentator Han Yu-mi as Cesar’s new coach in April, and reached out to Kim Yeon-kyung, who retired. She was appointed as an advisor, saying, “I play an advisory and supportive role for the overall national volleyball team, such as mentoring national players and supporting work for leaders and support personnel.”

This year, the national team training started without coach Cesar. Cesar, coach of Turkiye Vakifbank, could not come to Korea due to his team’s schedule. Vakifbank recently finished 3rd in the Turkiye League, and on the 21st, it will compete with Exashibashi for the championship in the European Volleyball Federation (CEV) Champions League Super Final. The venue for the Super Finals is Turin, Italy. The national team is scheduled to depart for Turkiye Antalya on the 22nd, where the first week of the VNL will be held. Director Cesar also joins locally.

The national team players, who were convened on the 24th of last month, trained under the direction of coach Han Yu-mi. Coach Han led the national team while constantly communicating with Cesar. One coach said, “We communicate every day. Interpretation is also being done via video, chat, or messenger. The director checks every day. When detailed instructions come out, I try to improve their accuracy by reflecting them during training. In addition, the physical trainer is training according to the weight program of the players for each week.”

The team training atmosphere was also friendly. One coach also said, “I don’t know exactly how the training was internally because I didn’t join last year, but I heard that preparations seem to be going well this year. The players are also showing their will to work hard.” Kim Yeon-kyung also said, “First of all, many young players came in, and I heard that the energy and atmosphere have improved compared to before. I am preparing to repay you with better grades than last year,” he said. “I am putting pressure on my juniors as well. The training atmosphere is good, and the will to do it seems strong,” he said about the atmosphere of the national team.메이저놀이터

Coach Han and Kim Yeon-kyung are both semifinalists at the 2012 London Olympics. Kim Yeon-kyung announced her retirement from the national team after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but her active career continues. They are helpers who can understand the players’ hearts more than anyone else. Communication with foreign staff and acting as a bridge between coaching staff and players.

One coach said, “It was my first coaching experience, and the coach didn’t join the team right away, so I thought, ‘Can I do well? The advisor helped me adapt by informing me of global trends and training styles of foreign coaches,” said Kim Yeon-kyung, who said, “There are a lot of players who are comfortable with me, so they talk to me about things I can’t tell the coaching staff or coach.” Thanks to this, Park Jung-ah, the captain who had been through a lot of heartache, was also relieved of the burden.

Cesar, who announced the start with a new combination. The current FIVB ranking is 23rd. In Asia, it ranks fourth after China (5th), Japan (6th) and Thailand (15th). It is still considered weak in terms of objective power. Can we find another possibility and hope in a situation where veterans are missing? Washing away the sluggishness of last year and waiting for the day to smile again.

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