Hwang Dong-ha, Kim Ki-hoon, Kim Yu-shin, bullpen day relay waiting for Seonbong Kim Geon-guk… Will ‘Super Mario’ fill the 3-week gap?

The KIA Tigers got a big task to fill the void left by foreign pitcher Mario Sanchez. Even pitcher Eui-ri Lee is not in perfect condition, so the demand for replacement starters will inevitably increase in the future. Indeed, attention is being paid to what kind of answers the KIA bench will find during Sanchez’s hiatus.안전놀이터

On August 28, the KIA said, “Sanchez was examined today (28th) at Jinseop Kim Orthopedic Surgery and Sejong Sports Orthopedic Surgery, and as a result, it was found that there was partial damage to the right elbow joint (elbow) medial collateral ligament and symptoms of impingement syndrome.” officially announced.

According to the KIA club, Sanchez is not in need of surgery, but plans to rehabilitate while receiving injection treatment. The rehabilitation period is expected to be about 3 weeks, and after that, he plans to enter the bullpen pitching.

Sanchez started against the Hanwha Eagles in Gwangju on August 25 and won with a good pitching of 7 innings and 1 run. Sanchez was in a slump before the mound that day. There has been no quality start in 6 consecutive games since the KBO League debut against Suwon KT WIZ on July 9 (6.1 innings, 1 run).

Sanchez succeeded in rebounding by achieving a quality start on the 25th and running to the first two individual wins of the season. However, after the day’s mound, Sanchez complained of discomfort in his right elbow. Afterwards, the elbow condition improved, but Sanchez heard abnormal findings during the club’s first checkup on the 26th.

In the end, KIA canceled Sanchez from the first team entry on the 26th and conducted a second close examination in Seoul on the 28th. As the three-week rehabilitation opinion came out, KIA must operate a starting rotation without Sanchez in the remaining game schedule in September. At least, avoiding surgery that could result in an out-of-season decision was fortunate news for KIA.

No matter how soon he returns, Sanchez is expected to return in the last week of September. If it is delayed, there is a good chance that it will go over to October. The KIA bench must fill the Sanchez void for at least 4 weeks or at most 5 weeks in the future. In addition, Eui-ri Lee, who will be called to the Hangzhou Asian Games national team on September 22, is also planning to drop out of the team selection rotation at the end of the season. In many ways, it is KIA’s fate that has no choice but to have many empty holes in the starting lineup.

KIA coach Kim Jong-guk selected Kim Kon-guk, Hwang Dong-ha, Kim Ki-hoon, and Kim Yu-shin as candidates for future replacements. In addition, considering the extended entry that will be implemented from September 1st, the possibility of operating a bullpen day was also hinted at.

First of all, the main character standing at the starting line for alternative selection is Kim Kon-guk. Kim Kon-guk was announced as the starting pitcher for the Gwangju NC Dinos match on August 29th. Lee Eui-ri, who is scheduled to return this Sunday, is vacant.

Kim Kon-guk has already experienced two starts this season. On July 1 against the LG Twins (2 hits, 2 walks, 2 runs in 2.2 innings) and against KT WIZ on July 7 (0.2 innings, 1 hit, 1 walk, no run), Kim Kun-guk started as an opener. After that, Kim Geon-guk, who went down to the Futures team and recently returned to the first team, made a relief mound against Hanwha in Gwangju on August 26, recording 2 hits and 1 run in 1 inning.

The next candidates after Kim Kon-guk are Hwang Dong-ha and Kim Yu-shin. Hwang Dong-ha climbed the starting mound twice out of nine appearances this season. Hwang Dong-ha made the start against KT on June 23 (2 innings, 4 hits, 1 walk, 3 runs) and on August 20 against the Samsung Lions (4.2 innings, 4 hits, 1 walk, 3 runs). Since he showed some potential in the recent start against Samsung, Hwang Dong-ha is expected to receive an alternative starter opportunity next to Kim Kon-guk.

Left-handers Kim Ki-hoon and Kim Yu-shin are also candidates for selection as a substitute for left-handers. In particular, Kim Ki-hoon recorded a scoreless run in 3.2 innings, 6 strikeouts, 1 walk, 3 hits, 3 walks and 1 run in 3 innings in two appearances in August in the Futures League, showing a good pitching trend recently.

A bullpen day could be an option if one of the alternate starters fails to hit. In this case, the use of Lim Ki-young, whose long relief role is an advantage, is expected to be maximized. KIA is highly likely to engage in a fierce battle with the 4th place NC Dinos and the 6th place Doosan Bears until the end of the season. I wonder what kind of idea the KIA bench will fill in the gap between Sanchez and Eui-ri Lee in September.

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