I only threw 74 pitches, but 5 innings… ‘Jagged ball’ KIA foreign pitcher born in 1996, lost bench trust

KIA Tigers Adonis Medina won 2nd win of the season. However, Medina left a bitter aftertaste of being beaten 5 innings even with 74 pitches up to the 5th inning. Although he is a foreign pitcher whose virtue is ‘Inning Eater’, the KIA bench is gradually losing trust due to Medina’s jagged command.

KIA won 3-2 against Gwangju Kiwoom Heroes on May 20th. With this victory, KIA, which had 4 consecutive wins after 5 consecutive losses, maintained its 6th place in the league with 18 wins and 17 losses in the season.

On this day, starting pitcher Medina got off to a clean start in the first inning with a triple strike. At the end of the first inning, Kim Seon-bin’s preemptive and timely hit led Medina by one point, and Medina immediately faced a crisis at the beginning of the second inning.

Medina was hit by Lee Won-seok and hit by Kim Tae-jin with a double after a run in the top of the second inning. In the ensuing 1 company 2nd and 3rd base crisis, Lim Ji-yeol hit a double at the right time with 2 RBIs and allowed a 1-2 reversal.

Fortunately, Medina, who prevented additional runs, gave Lee Hyung-jong a walk after one run in the top of the 3rd inning, but finished the inning by catching subsequent batters with a bat.

KIA took a 3-2 lead again at the end of the 3rd inning with Socrates’ comeback two-run four. Medina walked again after two outs in the top of the 4th inning, but ended the inning after catching Lim Byung-wook with a floating ball in right field.

The beginning of the 5th inning was the final crisis. After one run in the top of the 5th inning, Medina got a walk from Lee Jung-hoo and a left-handed hit from Lee Hyeong-jong. In the crisis of 1st, 1st and 2nd base, Medina caught follow-up hitter Kim Hye-seong with a double stroke in front of the pitcher and met the requirements for a winning pitcher while escaping the crisis.

Medina threw just 74 pitches through the 5th inning. He exceeded the 6th inning, and he was the number of pitches that he could aim for enough innings even in the 7th inning. However, the KIA bench replaced Medina by putting Lim Ki-young, who had been waiting in the bullpen, on the mound in the beginning of the 6th inning.

As a result, the KIA bench judgment was right. Lim Ki-young kept the lead with 1.1 scoreless innings, while Lee Jun-young (0.1 innings), Jeon Sang-hyun (0.2 innings), and Choi Ji-min (0.2 innings) all held relay with scoreless good pitches. Finisher Jung Hae-young, who went up in the top of the 9th inning, achieved his 4th save of the season with 10 pitches in 1 inning, 1 strikeout and no run.체스카지노

On this day, Medina achieved the 2nd win (5th loss) of the season with 4 hits, 3 walks, 1 strikeout and 2 runs in 5 innings. However, the situation of having to go down the mound even with 74 pitches in 5 innings left a bitter aftertaste for Medina. While it is known that there was no abnormality in Medina’s physical condition, it is interpreted as the KIA bench’s judgment considering Medina’s jagged control in addition to the close lead by one point. Medina recorded 46 strikes out of a total of 74 pitches on the mound that day.

Medina entered the KBO league with a total ransom of $636,000. Medina, who was born in 1996 and belongs to a young age, appeared in 7 games this season and is showing disappointing results with 2 wins, 5 losses, an ERA of 5.79, 26 strikeouts, 23 strikeouts, and a WHIP of 1.55. Of his seven appearances, he made only three quality starts, and in the other four he did not go beyond five innings.

It’s true that Medina is in need of a pitch design retooling as a starting pitcher, having primarily been in a bullpen role in recent years. The player himself needs to accept with an open mind the direction of using the two-seam fastball, which raises questions in both pitch and control.

The virtue of a foreign pitcher is an inning eater. This means that the minimum innings expected from Medina is ‘six innings’. In order to digest long innings, stable control and fast ball count fights are essential. With the end of May approaching, Medina has to show pitching details and results with fewer ups and downs. If this continues, the KIA club’s concerns about replacing foreign players are expected to deepen in June.

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