“I opened my eyes to basketball, Kang Yoo-rim did a good job defending” Kim Ji-young, who received special praise from coach Kim Do-wan

 Kim Ji-young received special praise from coach Kim Do-wan.

Bucheon Hanawon Q Kim Ji-young’s strong point is offense. His main weapon is breakthrough and fast attack using his quick feet. He once became a hot topic for his flashy dribbles and double clutch layups that were hard to see in WKBL.

As time went by, his years of absence accumulated and his playing time increased, Kim Ji-young opened his eyes to plays that saved his teammates. He averaged 4.4 assists last season, a career high. His average of 4.7 assists this season has increased even more.

On the 19th, Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball Bucheon HanawonQ and Yongin Samsung Life Insurance held at the Bucheon Gymnasium in the 4th round. Before the game, coach Kim Do-wan of Hana One Q mentioned Kim Ji-young. 카지노사이트

He said, “(Kim) Ji-young opened his eyes to basketball a little more. If you only thought about yourself in the past, now you have to know how to see the next thing too. He only did his own thing in attack, but when he was blocked, he couldn’t do anything, but he seems to have more time these days. I want you to know where there is space and where your colleagues are. On defense, you need to be able to check if your teammates are missing something. Then basketball will be more fun.”

On this day, manager Kim Do-wan entrusted Kang Yoo-rim’s defense to Kim Ji-young. Kim Ji-young followed Kang Yoo-rim tenaciously throughout the game. He especially tried not to give easy shot chances. Kang Yoo-rim, blocked by Kim Ji-young’s defense, only scored 12 points. It was below the season average of 13.3 points.

Also, Jiyoung Kim played her part in the attack. He threw 5 3-pointers and only succeeded in 1, but with a long-term breakthrough, he shook Samsung Life’s defense and raised 9 points. He added 7 rebounds and 5 assists, including 2 offensive rebounds. He played an active role in various fields with a final record of 9 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists, contributing to Hana One Q’s 65-56 victory.

After the game, coach Kim Do-wan said, “Ji-young seems to have opened her eyes to defense now. added fun (Kang) Yu-rim was entrusted with the defense, but he blocked it well except for the 3-point shot he went to for help defense that he didn’t have to go. He did a great job defending,” he praised.

Kim Ji-young, who is a player whose strength is breaking through, has also opened her eyes to assists and defense. This is why we need to pay attention to Kim Ji-young’s play to see if he can be reborn as a complete player while continuing his steady growth this season.

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