“I want to become a better player.” Encounter at Gwangju University, a student studying abroad in Japan

Gwangju University, ranked 4th in the women’s college regular league, was crowned champion.

In the 2023 University Basketball U-League Championship match against Pusan ​​National University held at Pusan ​​National University Gyeongam Gymnasium on the 13th, Gwangju University won 63-51 and lifted the championship trophy for the first time in six years since 2017.안전놀이터
Yang Yoo-jeong (sophomore, 170cm) played a key role in the victory by recording 26 points and 7 rebounds, and first-year Jo Woo (160cm) also contributed to the team’s victory with 14 points, 4 rebounds, and 4 assists through fast attack and defense.
Jo Woo, who met after the game, said, “It’s good. happy. He was very nervous and made many mistakes. But thanks to the good work of his older sisters, he was able to win. “I want to win next year,” he said of his victory.

Joe’s performance was not revealed from the beginning of the game. He started scoring with quick offense in the second quarter. After the game, he was seen crying because he was disappointed with his performance.
“Because I was so nervous, my field of vision was very narrow. Pusan ​​National University’s defense was tight from the beginning, so we were embarrassed and made mistakes. He wanted to break through and move a lot, but perhaps because he wanted to show off, he made many dribbling mistakes. He also expressed his disappointment with the content of the game, saying, “I made a lot of misses because I was embarrassed by the opponent’s full-court press.”

Jo Woo graduated from high school in Japan and entered Gwangju University this year. He said, “Japan’s basketball is based on fast breaks, while Korea’s basketball is good and has many 3-point shots. There are times when the game is difficult because we have not yet evolved from the Japanese basketball style. However, he is gradually adapting by working with his teammates.”
He appears to be a future resource that will lead Gwangju University by showing solid fundamentals and quick play.
Jo Woo said, “Next year I want to make more assists and broaden my horizons compared to now. “Right now, if I don’t hit a shot, I make a lot of mistakes, but next year, I want to become a player who can play well in all aspects,” he said.
He said, “Even though I’m not good at Korean and it’s not the Korean basketball style, I was able to do well because the coach reassured me that it was okay. “Thank you for always saying only kind words,” he said, ending the interview with a smile.

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