“I wanted to do something”… Canadian Korean Baseball Association, 20-hour drive and Korean karate 

“I wanted to do something for the young players.”

They recklessly drove over mountains and crossed waters for 20 hours just for the reason that they were of the same blood. The trunk and back seat of the car were loaded with kimchi, radish kimchi, seaweed, ramen, cooked rice, bananas, and bottled water.안전놀이터

The Korean Baseball Softball Association (KCBA), which has a branch in Toronto, Canada, has been airlifted directly to the national team’s accommodation with a full load of precious Korean food for the Korean women’s baseball team in the qualifiers for the ‘2024 Women’s Baseball World Cup (WBSC)’.

JCKIM, president of the KCBA association, said on the 8th (Korean time), “Sunder Bay is not well known in Canada. So, thinking it was close to Toronto, I said I would go recklessly, but it took me 20 hours by car.”

As soon as the national team arrived in Thunder Bay, she ran with the association’s secretary Kim Seong-hwan and said, “The Korean Women’s Baseball Federation (WBAK) only wanted a few boxes of ramen, but after thinking about it a little more, our association seemed to want to eat kimchi and radish kimchi together with ramen. I went to the mart one by one and bought them all.”

“I wanted to do something for the young players. There are no Korean restaurants or large supermarkets in Thunder Bay. The national team has a lot of things to pack, such as baseball equipment, so we wanted to provide food.”

The precious Korean food provided by the association is consumed with great enthusiasm by the national team. When the national team got fed up with the pizza and chicken provided by the athletes’ cafeteria, everyone looked for Korean food. On the 8th, when the first official training was over and it was lunchtime, only a few national team players were visible.

JC Kim, president of the JC Association, said, “It is regrettable that time was running out when preparing for the event after finding out about the event. I’m worried that I just gave too much ramen,” he added. Association president Kim and the staff of the Korea Baseball Softball Association of Canada will visit again to support the match between Canada and Korea held at Port Artur Stadium in Thunder Bay at 8:30 am (Korean time) on the 12th.

Chairman Kim said, “The association’s employees have a separate livelihood, but they help the association for free. Everyone will take their annual leave to cheer for the game between Canada and Korea. We have already advertised the Canada-Korea Exhibition in newspapers for Koreans living in Canada, so more Koreans may come to visit us.

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