“I will go with one promotion goal” Coach Han-soo Seong and Managing Director Cheon Kim start the challenge

 “I will say let’s go with one goal of promotion.”

The new manager, Kim Cheon, has started a challenge between coach Seong Han-soo (47) and Kim Cheon, managing director. On the 15th, Kim Cheon kicked off the first winter field training in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do. Compared to the teams that are conducting field training in Korea, it is rather late. In an interview with Sports Chosun on the 15th, coach Seong said, “Some of the recruits, such as Chang-Hoon Kwon, Ji-Hyun Kim, and Young-Jae Lee, did not receive full training when they enlisted. Because they entered the training center, there were only eight people in the unit. The new recruits are now enlisting. Overall, When I set the training period, I thought it would be most appropriate to start winter training from the 15th.”

It started a bit late, but the resolution is stronger than ever. Gimcheon stands at the new starting line for the 2023 season. Gimcheon finished 11th in the K-League 1 (Part 1) last year. He lost in the promotion playoffs (PO) and fell to the K League 2 stage.

Coach Seong said, “I want to have a fun game for the players, coaching staff and fans. You have to be fast and score a lot of points. I will attack,” he said.

He said, “Expectations for new recruits have always been high. There seem to be a lot of good players this time around. However, we couldn’t train together. I’m looking forward to it, but I’m worried about how to combine it. Also, some players are discharged in June. I think it will be a good season if the player gets discharged and the new recruits get over the hurdles well.”카지노사이트

It is also a challenging time for Director Sung. He leads the new squad for the 2023 season. Takes the baton for the first time in the pros. He said, “I had a dream of becoming a coach. That’s why I decided to get a P-level license education. The opportunity just came quickly. I always had it in my heart. I’m worried and concerned. The soccer I’ve been playing so far and the soccer I want to play. I think that if we show off well, good results will come.”

First of all, the time given to him is not long. Kim Cheon is a military team. Military personnel leaders must meet the prerequisites. The Armed Forces Sports Unit plans to hire military personnel in July. Coach Sung said, “I will lead the team until July. I have to show my capabilities. It’s my job.”

Kim Cheon will train in Changwon until the 31st and then move on to Busan. He trains at the captain until the 23rd of next month. Coach Seong said, “Whether it’s K League 1 or K League 2, they always keep us in check. I’ll tell the players, ‘Let’s do it while having fun because you’re getting attention.’ I will say let’s go with one.”

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