Ice hockey brothers “trained on the grass in the neighborhood park after not being able to play on the ice for two years”

In the Ice Hockey Asia League, where HL Anyang (formerly Anyang Halla) reached the top in six years, two Korean players were listed in the top 10 in the point rankings for goals and assists. They are brothers Kim Ki-seong (38) and Sang-wook (35), who are active as HL Anyang’s signature strikers. His younger brother Kim Sang-wook ranked third with 54 points (12 goals and 42 assists), and his older brother Kim Ki-seong ranked fifth with 50 points (25 goals and 25 assists). The two are signboard stars who have protected the historical moments of Korean ice hockey, such as being promoted to the first division of the 2017 World Championship and participating in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

The two, who met at the Anyang Ice Arena prior to the postseason starting on the 9th, said, “I wanted to contribute more as I returned to the team after two years.” They tried to advance to the world’s second largest Russian league (KHL) in 2019, but it was canceled because the terms of the contract did not match, and then took a break for two seasons with a difference in salary with HL Anyang. Coincidentally, most of the ice rinks were closed due to Corona, and I was unable to participate in team training.

Kim Sang-wook, his younger brother, said, “I have never held a stick on the ice except during national team training.” Instead, the brothers exchanged pucks while holding sticks on the artificial turf of a local park. He said that even if there is a resident who uses it first, he had to promise the next day. Kim Ki-seong, the older brother, said, “Of course, the feeling on the ice and on the lawn is very different. He said, “I trained for five hours a day with the idea of ​​winning with quantity instead of quality,” and “Spent this time helped me maintain my skills this season.” 온라인바카라

They also considered re-challenging overseas expansion, but in the end, the brothers returned to HL Anyang. It was realistically difficult to advance overseas, and the longing for real matches was great. The team ahead of the resumption of the Asia League, which had been suspended due to the corona, also wanted the brothers to return. Kim Sang-wook said, “In the end, a player is a player only when he plays the game. Director Baek Ji-seon and colleagues asked me to try again with a new mindset, so I gained strength.” Kim Ki-sung said, “I also wanted to show my 5-year-old son and 3-year-old twin daughters that their father is an athlete.”

HL Anyang will play the 4th place East Hokkaido Cranes at home starting on the 9th in a playoff match in the quarterfinals (2 out of 3 matches). If you win, the winner of the 2nd and 3rd place teams face-to-face will play a championship match (3 out of 5 matches). Kim Ki-seong, who also holds the record for the most goals by a Korean in the Asia League (206 goals), said, “The goal is to win unconditionally. He said, “I will show the dignity of the top team in the regular league.” Kim Sang-wook said, “I will definitely lift the championship trophy in front of the home fans.”

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