‘Injury bad news’ Lee Dong-jun, “I came to Jeonbuk to win! “I was in top condition during winter training…”

Lee Dong-jun expressed regret over the bad news about his injury.

Lee Dong-jun left Ulsan Hyundai in January 2022 and took on the challenge of competing on the European stage. He expected to have his dream career when he moved to Hertha Berlin.바카라

However, he was unable to consistently get opportunities as he fell due to injury, putting his disappointment behind him and knocking on the door for his K-League return.

Jeonbuk was active. In a situation where strengthening of the flank attack was necessary, the recruitment of Lee Dong-jun was promoted and he promised to accompany him.

Lee Dong-jun’s return to the K-League was a passing score. He showed off his presence by showing a sparkling performance in the opening match against his hometown team Ulsan. However, he suffered an injury and was out of action for a while.

Lee Dong-jun said, “Through winter training, he built his body properly. He worked harder than anything else. I focused and prepared for the opening game against Ulsan, but then an injury occurred. “My condition has deteriorated since then,” he said with regret.

Lee Dong-Jun returned after rehabilitation, but as another injury occurred, the rehabilitation time became longer and he bowed his head.

Lee Dong-Jun said, “My condition has declined since my injury in the opening game. He was later injured again with the focus on his return. It was really disappointing. “I currently have some ankle pain, but it’s gradually decreasing so I’m in a good situation,” he said.

He continued, “The two injuries were really difficult. He wanted to do well as Jeonbuk had high expectations and decided to recruit him. He had to show it with his performance. He was also confident. However, the plan went awry when he got hurt in his first game. He was dejected and angry with himself. He felt even sadder because there was nothing he could do. “I think he was impatient for a quick return,” he said regretfully.

It was even more difficult to watch Jeonbuk’s poor performance from the outside due to injury and a change in leadership and change in tactics.

Lee Dong-jun confessed, “The rehabilitation process was difficult because the team’s performance was poor.”

Jeonbuk is currently ranked 5th in K League 1. Instead of competing for the championship, we ended up having to worry about Final B depending on the situation.

Lee Dong-jun said, “Jeonbuk is a team that always needs to win a trophy. The current rankings are absolutely not appropriate. I feel responsible. I came here wanting to win. “I want to help in some way,” he said, showing his determination.

He continued, “We only achieved about 10 to 20% of the goals we set for this season. You have to break out. I still have a lot of regrets. Personally, I don’t have enough attack points. We must run to settle in the top ranks of the K-League and win the FA Cup. “We will achieve the results we want in the upcoming Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL),” he pledged.

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