‘Intensive’ Ulsan field training Hyundai Mobis, keywords are defense completeness and up pace

Ulsan Hyundai Mobis (director Jo Dong-hyun) started preparing for the next season in earnest. On the 18th, Hyundai Mobis will visit Ulsan, its hometown, and conduct a field training for about 9 days.체스카지노

At the training ground we visited on the 19th, in preparation for the Hangzhou Asian Games, excluding Lee Woo-seok, who is training hard at the Jincheon National Team Training Center, Hyundai Mobis representative players such as Ham Ji-hoon, Jang Jae-seok, and Seo Myung-jin, as well as Kim Ji-wan and Kim Jun-il, who had newly joined Hyundai Mobis after the season, were training.

The training lasted about two hours. The theme of the training was ‘basic or basic’. Starting with butterfly (side step) training, which is famous for being the most difficult of basketball basic training, followed by basic ball exercise, four-corner pass training, the main contents were 5-to-5 transition offense training and basic movement of two-man game.

During the two-hour, breathless program, the players often held onto their knees. Coach Cho occasionally corrected and delivered the attitude and content to the players, while coaches Yang Dong-geun and Kim Do-su kept an eye on the players’ attitudes.

Headed by coach Jo, all the staff including coaches Yang Dong-geun and Kim Do-soo also participated and encouraged the players. After training, I was able to hear about the off-season direction and things to make through a conversation with manager Cho Dong-hyun.

A lot of it was stories related to strengthening defensive perfection and pace in attack.

There is no need for two words, and various defense methods are now the same as the signature of the KBL league. There are cases where it is difficult to know what type of defense it is without looking closely, such as how to mix the two rather than the typical man-to-man and zone defense, and how to apply help defense irregularly.

Coach Cho and Hyundai Mobis, like any other team, put their heart and soul into improving the quality of defense during the off-season. There is also a reason why defense power compared to attack power can definitely be averaged if only the perfection is taken.

The Hyundai Mobis lineup this season stands out for its height. In addition to the existing lineup (Gage Prim, Ham Ji-hoon, Jang Jae-seok, Kim Hyun-min), Kim Jun-il was recruited as a free agent from Changwon LG. Based on a steady rebound fight, I was preparing to draw a picture that enhances the perfection of various defensive forms.

The attack conveyed conciseness and pace as keywords. In this day’s training, there were many scenes where he quickly moved to the frontcourt and actively attempted shooting when switching offense.

Director Cho said, “It is difficult to apply motion offense. There are inevitably many two-man games. In this training, I plan to take quick transitions through restrained dribbling and active and fast shooting training. Even in a set offense situation, dribbling is excluded as much as possible, and shooting training is conducted by simply handling the ball. The shooting success rate inevitably drops, so we have to bring a lot of pace (number of attacks).”

This was the story of coach Cho, who set the keyword for off-season training to increase pace in solid defense and offense based on the advantage of height.

Hyundai Mobis, which started field training in Ulsan, its hometown, on the 17th, returns to Yongin after completing intensive physical training until the 25th. Afterwards, starting with a practice match against the Philippine University team, they begin training for the upcoming season.

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