Is Durant’s new coach 4 years older than CP3?

Younger coaches are all the rage. It’s a clear indication of a recent trend in NBA coaching.

ESPN reporter Doris Burke reported on the Phoenix Suns’ search for a new head coach on the 27th.

The Suns have four finalists for the job. Nick Nurse, Doc Rivers, Kevin Young, and Jodie Fernandez. Nuggets and Rivers are seasoned NBA veterans, while Young and Fernandez are relatively young coaches.

Doris Burke says, “You’d think Nance would be the favourite because of his creativity on offence, Doc Rivers because of his experience… but you have to look at Kevin Young. He’s very well known, very popular with the players. He’s been with the team a long time.”

On the same day, Bleacher Report reported that “Devin Booker is strongly backing Young as the next head coach.”

It’s looking like Phoenix’s next head coach is leaning towards Young.메이저놀이터

There’s a definite trend in the NBA these days. More and more teams are having fun with young assistant coaches as head coaches. Taylor Jenkins with the Memphis Grizzlies and Willie Green with the New Orleans Pelicans are two examples. On the other hand, experienced veteran coaches are not surviving. Why Doc Rivers in Philadelphia and Dwane Casey in Detroit both stepped down as head coaches after this season. Old-school tactics that don’t keep up with trends and a lack of communication with players were cited as issues.

Kevin Young is the favourite to be the next head coach in Phoenix. Phoenix has Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, and more. They are a championship contender.

This makes the next head coach of superstar Durant all the more intriguing. Who is Kevin Young: a young coach born in 1981, just four years younger than the team”s oldest veteran, Chris Paul (1985). After graduating from Clayton College in 2004, Young failed to make it into the NBA, and soon after retired from the game and started coaching. He played at the collegiate level from 2006 to 2013 and in the G-League from 2013 to 2017. He then entered the NBA and has been a key coach in Phoenix ever since.

The young coach, who is four years younger than Chris Paul, will be Durant’s next head coach, and we look forward to the official announcement from Phoenix.

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