“It wasn’t because I refused to train”… ‘Last plea’ of a prisoner on the way to Tottenham

Pedro Poro said goodbye to Sporting in his last interview at Lisbon Airport before heading to Tottenham. 

Pedro Poro, who is likely to go to Tottenham, boarded a plane to London, England on the 31st (Korean time). 

Reporter Fabrizio Romano, a transfer market expert, also reported on his social media account, “The transfer of Pedro Poro has been confirmed. Everything has been completed and resolved, and the deal will not collapse.” He posted a picture of him leaving and acknowledged the fact of his transfer. 

The prisoner is a right-back full-back resource that manager Antonio Conte has consistently wanted to recruit in the transfer market this winter.

Poro, who scored 3 goals and 10 assists in 26 appearances for Sporting this season, is a player who can add vitality to the right side of Tottenham based on his excellent attacking skills. 

Tottenham went through a crisis of collapse at the last minute of the transfer market and engaged in heated negotiations with Sporting to sign a prisoner. In the end, they succeeded in securing prisoners.

Initially, the known transfer fee was 45 million euros (approximately 60.1 billion won), but the Portuguese press revealed that it was 67 billion won, including 5 million euros for six-month rent and 42.5 million euros in official transfer fees. 메이저놀이터

His contract expires at the end of June 2028.

In an interview with local media at Lisbon Airport, Poro revealed his feelings about leaving Sporting for Tottenham. 

Portuguese media ‘Mice Football’ reported an interview with him, saying, “The prisoner is heading to Tottenham.” 

“I didn’t refuse to train, I just asked Sporting. I asked because it was under negotiations. Sporting understood me even in a hectic situation and I am very grateful,” he said as the reason for not attending training. 

He continued, “I’m happy to step up, but on the other hand, I’m leaving the club that gave me everything. Thank you so much and I wish you all the best,” he said goodbye to Sporting, where he played. 

Poro did not forget to mention his Sporting teammates. He expressed his gratitude to his colleagues who helped him to be active on the Portuguese stage, saying, “I am leaving behind many friends. I think they will know that I have been very grateful to them since the first day I came here.”

He concluded his feelings for the new stage, the Premier League, saying, “Now I have to move on and follow my dreams. I hope I can do my best in everything.”

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