“It’s a decisive factor” Man Utd, Kim Min-jae’s ‘last gateway’ remains

Manchester United must convince Kim Min-jae.

It is no longer awkward to have the names of Kim Min-jae and Manchester United together. Manchester United openly showed interest in Kim Min-jae, such as dispatching scouts midway through the season, and that interest continues even now as the transfer market approaches. Summing up a number of local reports, Man Utd is showing its will to go ahead in the Kim Min-jae scout match even if it offers Naples a transfer fee that exceeds Kim Min-jae’s buyout amount.

This is because Manchester United are trying to reinforce the center back. Manchester United spent a season with the combination of Rafael Baran and Lisandro Martinez, but decided that the two players’ backup resources, Harry Maguire and Victor Lindelof, were lacking in performance, and planned to recruit a center back of a certain level in the summer transfer market. . It is only natural that Kim Min-jae, who showed top-notch skills throughout the season, was included in Manchester United’s recruitment list.토토사이트

Man U is determined to seduce Kim Min-jae by promising him a high salary. Reporter Santi Auna of France’s ‘Foot Mercato’ said through his SNS, “Man Utd talked about their project to Min-jae Kim, who is likely to transfer to Man Utd, and made a financial offer.”

‘Foot Mercato’ said, “Negotiations between Kim Min-jae’s aide and Manchester United took place a few weeks ago. added.

Money is an important issue for pros. But it’s hard to say that money is everything. It is argued that in order for Manchester United to recruit Kim Min-jae, it is necessary to persuade Min-jae Kim in addition to just offering a high annual salary.

Pascal Salvione, director of Italian media ‘Corriere dello Sport’, said in an interview with ‘Napoli Magazine’, “Kim Min-jae’s buyout clause shows that there is a possibility that overseas clubs will recruit Kim Min-jae. If it is specific, there is a high possibility that Kim Min-jae will also leave. However, negotiations take place in two stages, and the consent of the club is not taken for granted. The most important thing is the player’s will. This is a truly decisive factor. “Kim Min-jae’s will is important. I said yes.

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