“It’s been 10 years.” Lotte Camp bursts with screams, “Jun-Woo Jeon → Chi-Hong An → Hoon Jung” is the best line

 Lotte Giants’ spring camp, which is increasing in intensity day by day, is no exception to the best veterans. No, rather, the claim line takes the lead first.

Dededo Baseball Stadium in Guam on the 11th. Regular training starts at 10:30 am, but the day has already started at 8:30, two hours earlier. It is an early work that promises ‘today is a hard day’.

This day was even more special. Jun-Woo Jeon, Chi-Hong An, and Hoon Jeong, the most senior members of the Beast Team, stepped forward. When I asked토토사이트 for the training menu, it was “running base training”.

It is the morning training where the former and incumbent captain lines were summoned. Even though there is room, the atmosphere can’t be as light as it is. Jeon Jun-woo said, “It’s the first time in 10 years that I’ve been training on base with early work.” Under the guidance of coaches Kim Pyeong-ho and Jeon Joon-ho, the three players devoted their energy to strengthening the basics of running.

An official from Lotte said, “Jun-woo Jeon has been very good at arguing for the past two years. ‘New captain’ An Chi-hong is not an outgoing style, but has a unique leadership style. They follow well,” he explained.

At the same time, at the Paseo Baseball Stadium, Fungo training was held with Lee Ho-yeon, Park Seung-wook, and Kim Se-min. Coach Moon Kyu-hyun and Kim Dong-han’s infinite fungo continued.

Coach Moon Kyu-hyeon explained, “Since last year’s finish camp, I have been training with a tremendous increase in intensity. During the season, I hit about 30, but now I hit about 1,500.” I get fungo all morning until lunch.

The regular training of the pitching team on this day was intense conditioning under the leadership of training coach Kim Hyun-wook. It is a training exercise in which one leaps high into the sky and runs forward as if pulling one’s knees. As the ‘Last One’ progressed repeatedly, the players responded with screams of “It’s good, Hyun-wook hyung!”

Batters and catchers devoted themselves to basic base training. It is a drill that decides whether to start or not depending on how far the catcher blocks the ball. Jack Rex, whose prediction was completely wrong, was summoned separately by coach Jeon Jun-ho and had to digest the rest of the training.

When asked about his goal this year, head coach Larry Sutton declared, “Top 3!” “In the meantime, it was a process of planting a championship culture in Lotte and putting the puzzle together. This year is different. As a large number of free agent players were recruited, the depth became thicker and the team’s leadership was further strengthened,” he expressed satisfaction.

“I have really high expectations for this year. It will probably be a season where many people are surprised by the changed appearance of Lotte.

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