“It’s weak against LAD? I’m sick of it”, claiming to overthrow 5 consecutive losses and 11 consecutive losing series

Lost again. It’s already 5 losses in a row.

The San Diego Padres suffered a 5-game losing streak against the Los Angeles Dodgers, who said, “We must destroy it.”

San Diego lost 0-4 in an away game held at Dodger Stadium on the 15th (hereafter Korean time). It is the last 5 consecutive losses and 5 consecutive losses against the Dodgers.

With a record of 19 wins and 22 losses, the win rate has already fallen below 3 games with a win rate of 50%. It is still third in the NL West, but it is 7 games behind the leading Dodgers. Not to mention the Dodgers, it was 4 games away from the 2nd place Arizona Diamondbacks, and fell to 7th place in the NL wild card rankings.

Last year, when they played 41 games, they were second in the district with 27 wins and 14 losses. At the same time, they lost 8 more games.

He met with the Dodgers 6 times this season, winning only the first game and giving up 5 games.

San Diego’s goal is to beat the Dodgers this season. He is dreaming of breaking the Dodgers, who have dominated the Western Division for the past 10 years, advancing to fall baseball and standing on the stage of the World Series. In opening day payroll this season, San Diego is third overall with $249 million, and the Dodgers are fifth with $222.72 million. Over the past three years, the company has strengthened its power through large-scale investments.

However, he is not using his strength against the Dodgers, which he has made the ‘target of overthrow’. San Diego has suffered 11 consecutive losing series against the Dodgers so far this year, including losing all three consecutive games in the last three times in the second half of 2021. Last year, they faced 19 times and recorded 5 wins and 14 losses. So, during this period, he was humiliated by the Dodgers with 6 wins and 28 losses.

On the 14th, losing pitcher Joe Musgrove said, “I’m tired of hearign that (we’re weak against the Dodgers),” and said, “We have to stop telling us that the Dodgers are invincible.” ESPN said, “San Diego lost five straight games to the Dodgers, despite acquiring Zander Bogarts last winter and returning Tatis Jr.”

In the 3 consecutive matches this away, they knelt 2-4, 2-4, and 0-4. As the score shows, the attack is not very good. Timely hits rarely come out of scoring range. It was the same on this day.

San Diego’s Juan Soto strikes out looking in the first inning. AP Yonhap News
In the top of the first inning, Fernando Tatis Jr. hit a double, but key hitters such as Manny Machado, Juan Soto, and Zander Bogatz struck out with ground balls.

In the third inning, leader Trent Grisham opened the game with a double in mid-month, but Tatis Jr. got a walk and the three batters withdrew. In the ninth inning, even though Bogarts hit a double from the left after one death, Jake Cronenworth hit a ground ball to first baseman and Nelson Cruz struck out with a swing. It is the San Diego batting line that is silent in scoring range with no hits in 8 at-bats.온라인카지노

Until this day, the batting average of a team in scoring position was 0.198, the lowest in major league history.

After the game, manager Bob Melvin said, “During these three consecutive games, our batters fought hard. We hit well before, but we need to get better in the future. With that in mind, we will go home and take care of the team and fight again.” It was the best comment the director could give.

The 11th pitch thrown by Dodgers starter Tony Gonsolin missed the outside strike zone. Photo = MLB.TV capture

Photo = MLB.TV graphic capture
Ha-seong Kim was also silent on this day with no hits. In the 2nd inning, the second baseman was straight out, in the 5th, he struck out looking, and in the 7th, he struck out on a swing. In particular, in the 5th inning, after a close battle with opponent starter Tony Gonsolin that went all the way to 11 pitches, he struck out looking for a 94-mile outside fastball. At the full count, he decided that it was a ball and tried to walk to first base, but when the strikeout call came out, he jumped up and expressed regret.

The ball, which MLB.TV showed in replay and pitch trajectory graphics, slightly missed the outer strike zone.

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