K-League 1 Ulsan, Jeonbuk, Pohang, Incheon, 2023/24 ACL qualification secured… license acquisition

Four K-League 1 clubs have obtained qualifications (licenses) to compete in the 2023/24 Asian Football Confederation Champions League (ACL).토토사이트

The Korea Professional Football Federation (KFA) announced on the 18th that Ulsan Hyundai, Jeonbuk Hyundai, Pohang Steelers, and Incheon United obtained licenses as a result of holding a club qualification review committee to review the qualifications for ACL participation in the 2023/24 season.

Ulsan and Jeonbuk, who won the K League 1 and Korea Football Association (FA) Cup last year, respectively, and Pohang and Incheon, who finished 3rd and 4th in the K League 1, respectively, secured the right to participate in the 2023/24 ACL, which will be held from August. applied for

The Club Qualifications Deliberation Committee examines whether the AFC Club Licensing Regulations are satisfied in five areas: sports, facilities, personnel, administration, legal affairs, and finance of the club applying for the license.

On the other hand, as the AFC changed the ACL starting in the spring and ending in the fall from this year to the’Chunchu Festival’, which starts in the fall and ends in the spring of the following year, the federation is a K-League license club qualification that evaluates qualifications to participate in the 2024 season K-League It was decided to hold a separate review committee in October.

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